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Why Withold The Truth

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posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 06:32 PM
Ok on this subject i would be intersted to see what other members thoughts are.

I have been thinking lately about the whole UFO/Alien subject and i am usually a believer however lately i have started thinking that if our goverments are witholding the truth from us what would be the point in doing so. What can they gain. Surely if we knew of a race that exsisted that was far more advanced, far more civilised then we would want to embrace them and you would think our goverments would think the same
and allow us as mankind to share our bond with our universal brothers.

I dont believe for one second that goverments are in cahoots with Aliens ie trading in for technology etc. Any race capable of coming all the way here surely would not be interested in anything we have to offer in a technological way and would instead be here to embrace mankind. I cant make the Goverment/Alien connection and imagine that any Alien life would not be intersted in dealing with our goverments purely for the simple reason they have nothing to offer them.

The way i think is that if a explorer sailed to sea and visited a undiscovered land then when he came back he would tell us of other people there if there was any. As a member of this planet we would have a right to ask "Was there anyone there" and being a decent fella i expect he would say "Yes" so who gives our goverments the rights to blindfold us on the alien subject. If there was such a thing i imagine our goverments would realise how insignificant they are themselves and eventually give up.

Only thing i could imagine is that theres a NWO thing going on and for some reason our goverments need to hide the facts in order to keep control of the populations but then why do that when you know your little NWO thing is actually not the top dog anymore as there is something bigger out there iit doesnt make sense.

I have always been a believer but lately im thinking the other way ie Why would they cover it up, And do we honestly believe that Aliens deal with our goverments??? Why dont they just come and land and say a big "Hello" to the whole planet

So believers if you really do believe then why do our Goverments hide it, Why do Aliens not just come and visit us all and sod the Goverments and lastly do you think our Goverments are capable of hiding such things

posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 06:44 PM
Not that I'm saying it's right or anything, but I've always thought that if the President walked outside right now and held a press conference that aliens existed and that we'd made contact with them (or any other world leader, for that matter), then there would be mass panic.

Even if it wasn't true, a lot of people would automatically think of The War of the Worlds or Independence Day.

So maybe "they" aren't saying anything because... we're just not ready to hear it.

Or that's always been my way of looking at it.

posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 06:53 PM
because the military industrial complex is callin the shots. Aside from the huge black budget they consume, billions more are routinely "missing" and cannot be accounted for. Its being spent on some very expensive research..

"A senior officer on the Joint Staff remarked that "we still treat certain capabilities(E.T. Technology for example! Ed) as pearls too precious to wear - we acknowledge their value, but because of their value, we lock them up and don't use them for fear of losing them". The report implied that the SAP world keeps field commanders in the dark until the systems are ready for use and even then, "they are put under such tight constraints that they are unable to use [SAP products] in any practical way"."

posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 06:58 PM
I believe that the main reason is because of the breakdown of society when they find their religious beliefs shaken.

I hope you find this helpful:

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