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Why are Americans so complacent?

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posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 01:22 PM
Just wanted to get some peoples opinions on why Americans these days let their government get away with so much. It would seem that most Americans put their complete trust in this administration and the Houses that represent the people of the United States.

The current administration insists on stripping away our constitutional freedoms one by one, slowing driving the world into the hands of a select few. This is all done uncostitutionally without public or representative approval. The NAU is being pushed forward despite disapproval from Canada. If all goes as planned the dollar will eventually give way to the Amero. In a country that gaurantees constitutional freedoms, we as citizens turned a blind eye when the Patriot Act was passed. This one article alone repressed many of our garaunteed rights as citizens of the United States of America.

I came across an article that I think everyone should checkout, re-post, and send to everyone they know.

War and the Police State: Complicity of the American People
by Donna J. Thorne

I urge everyone to ask questions. Look at current event. And most importantly, demand accountability from your "elected" leaders. If you don't agree with something, pick up a pen and write a letter, drop an e-mail or place a phone call. It only takes a couple minutes of your time and could protect you and your children's rights and opportunities for generations to come.

posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 01:51 PM
I don't think we are all that complacent, I just think some of these things might or might not actually be very good for America.

1: The Amero Something has to save the dollar and our debt situation

2: North American Union, might be Neo Cons ushering it in... but we will then have Canada and Mexico... we need growth and these aren't neighbors to invade. A North American Union would be good I think... some people don't like Mexicans, but in reality most mexicans are very nice people with western religous and social values, can't really focus on the handful of rebels and gang members, any situation b which america is tempered by Canadian Liberal values has to be good for the country with this conservative movement afoot...

3: Militarily... weak links i.e. border right now... but over time, military integration makes us much safer. it would be good to have US running the continents armies and border patrols... coast of mexico i.e. the border of mexico is teeny tiny too...very defensive position and there is no land border on canada... most of the worst of immigration via Mexico comes from rebels in Central and South America, Mexicans mostly like the US, stregnthing airport security, national id etc... it gives us alot more control long run... Psychologically the view on the map is intimidating, a land invasion, even by China of a United North American continent... well, look at trying to hold rebels in afghanistan... hard to do... try the whole North American Continent...

admitedly some of this is being done in crooked manners... BUT, the thing here is NOT to look at the constitution like a Bible.. But get involved, and draw up in partnership with Canada a New Constitution that is better and more modern... rather than fight it, encourage get involved and make this place better and freer than ever before!!!


posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 02:59 PM
For a currency union to work, theory suggests that countries need to be in an "optimum currency area." Participating countries need to have similar economic structures as well as full mobility of the factors of production (capital and labour). Many argue that this is not the case for Canada and the U.S. Canada’s economy is still strongly commodity-based and thus is quite different from that of its neighbor. Since Canada and the United States do not represent an optimum currency area, a monetary union between them would not be optimal, especially for Canada. Canada would be overwhelmingly dominated by the United States. Inevitably, Canada would lose a substantial degree of control over its monetary policy. Canada could not aspire to be more than just a thirteenth district of the Federal Reserve.

As far as the NAU ... why would the leaders of the North America meet in secret to dicuss these plans? Why would they not want this agenda evaluated by the Congress or Senate. I believe it's to place even more control in the hands of a select few. Just as the United States now operates, the NAU is just another way to move one step closer to placing the entire world in the hands of the select few.

Corporations involved in the creation of the North American Union
1. Merck
2. Federal Express
3. General Motors
4. Ford
5. United Parcel Service (UPS)
6. Lockheed Martin

It was Lord Acton that said, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
In the direction the United States in now heading with the slow deconstruction of the constitution and the rights of Americans, I would hate to see that happen to all of North America, then Europe, then Asia. Eventually one governemnt would control the entire world. It's like handing control of the United States over to the Republics or Democrats forever. What if we could never have a vote on whether abortion should be legalized because the world government decided it's in the best interest not to? What if all of a sudden the world government decided women shouldn't vote? There would be no one that could oppose that government. If you thought that women should have the right to vote, you would be S.O.L. It would be similar to being Shiite in Saddam's Iraq. Your opinion would be the majority, but you could do nothing because a Sunni leader controlled the government.

Also, why do you feel we need more security? With the exception of 9/11 (I'm not even going to discuss the controversy surrounding the WTCs) every one of the terrorist attacks over the last 15 years have been by citizens of America.

posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 03:46 PM
The good thing about dictators is they die... only human after all.

An economic Union is the first step in a longer term full Union which would be inevitable...

But the control of that Union will still be in the hands of the people... we could debate forever about districts and the federal reserve, but real people comprise the state. A complacent population today is an angry one tomorrow, we aren't dealing with the citizens of Iraq, under educated and in absolute fear... despite Americas dumbing down these years there are millions of extremely well educated people, I love the conspiracy talk but I haveseen very little difference these changes have made in my life. I can still speak, despite labor issues the internet offers an ability to earn money above the norm and aside from some really belligerent social policies, mostly not much is different.

I think the addition of Canadian and Mexican citizens in the long haul of this, both via ethnicity and liberality changes the
whole spread, I can't see neo facists remaining in power long, nor can I see "the empire" not being a fair reflection of whats good in all three nations.

As far as the world breaking into zones... it will happen, Europe already is on the way, China is 1.2 Billion Strong. Our life style and influence can only be maintained by joining forces... in a world in which we are not loved and our population is lower than the EU, China India or even Africa or South America, via raw manpower alone we will be dominated by others... simple labor force economics...

2 nations on our border are willing to be there for us, we should embrace this and preserve our continent.

We have 2 choices as a species... come together and get off the planet...or anhialate large portions of the population as the ability to live longer continues to grow... The US by itself won't be sending people to Mars, or building giant space stations or underwater cities... or terraforming the planet in any form as a single nation, our over population will doom us if we don't join forces with others.

The EU can build a large space station... start the progress the next step...France can't... same applies to us...

and further..there is a Reason Iran as a single fanatical nation with an a-bomb is a threat... And the Cold War ended without destruction... Empires and Emperors have what to lose...small groups of people bonded by philosophies don't

Security? The world will be a much safe place with 5-6 empires then it will be with 200 nations... a council could actual work, the world as a planet can exist and survive. I'd like to see a president of Earth in my life time.

A NAU... it assures we have an equal vote and keep our culture

posted on Apr, 25 2007 @ 08:19 AM
I see your points, but the majority of the nation couldn't even get the person they wanted elected. Our nation has been corrupted for 30 years. I don't see how joining other nations will change that. If anything, I believe it will get worse.

I agree that we've got to come together and get off this rock. But places are different. We tried to go into Iraq and "westernize" it's people and government. Some welcomed us. Others will fight us to the death. What works in America or even North America, will not work across the globe. People are different. I just think that we could better serve through diplomatic relations.

Say, rather than us going into Iraq, we were to talk to India and Saudia Arabia or a number of other nations that are their neighbors. I know they may not be the best of friends, but at least they share some common ground and could possibly bring some sort of agreement to terms at one point. Maybe we could eventually talk the leader of that nation to give up it's hostile ambitions. We'll give them nuclear technology if they will use it for their people and the benefit of mankind. Sure, build some weapons with it, but only enough to protect it's own land. After all, we know they're going to build them anyhow. We might as well be friends with them after the get them. But set goals for them to bring their people and economy into the 21st century and eventually start a space program that could compete worldwide.

I've just never seen a government work for very long by placing control in the hands of a select few. I'd rather have 200 presidents arguing over who gets the next window into space than 20 people in the world deciding who gets the next window into space.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:20 AM
(Just an apology in advance for the style of my writing, I tend to change the subject sporadically and get easily fatigued writing an essay formed type of sensible layout)

To answer the original question, "Why are Americans so complacent?"
In my opinion, it's simply to scary to voice a strong opinion against elitist type leaders!!!

Throughout the years, advertising has created an urge to eat food, fast food (loaded with neurochemical "Binding" and/or "Flavour" additives). Besides these addicting benefits, and wickedly satisfying tap into the deep senses kind of aromas we get from commonly sold food; We also get a bucket load of sugars in candies and junk(Sugar really is bad for the human body, possibly mimicking and changing naturall brain and body chemicals to adapt, and most likely the cause of the diabetes epidemic.
Enough on Food.

Advertising in general has come along way in recent time. Tapping our deepest desires and lighting a blinded path of followeres.(Me included
Being overworked(Labour shortages), Monarchy system(Higher Rewards for the "Higher" acheivers);also along with things such as Film splicing in theatres, massive overmedia(Hard to stay on top of all that BS), Politicians doing their best, and nonchalant heros of everyday life, fame(Hollywooded role-models).
Even the rebell attitude of f* the norm, and every damn spin off religioun, group, faction or assocation(down to the individual), and everyone of us can be separated into a class of "Individualism" or "Seperatism" (Sterotype) that can be easily influenced (Suggestively controlled) into living by a few simple things!!
!.Work Hard.
2. Aim high.
3. And have fun climbing!(Out of the sh*t hole Ideal life(s) that you have been optioned too.

Basically, all in all what I mean to say, Is that we are all happy doing whatever we do because of our diversified options in life, many of us just don't have time, or even the relationships to make a strong serious effort for reformation.

On another note: Anybody notice how Doctors, Food Administration, Teachers, Police, Advertising Writers, Film School, (Psychologyists) Have been trained by goverment operated courses of literature, and/or had some kind of Independent Regulatory Commision control how people in todays proffessions are trained???
Thats alot to think about when your head is stuck in your work 25 hours a day!

Thanx for reading.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:23 AM
I hope i have'nt offended any body in that previos=us pst!

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:23 AM
Because we are conditioned to be complacent, that is why.

It is simple: easy to control those who don't really pay attention. Throw a few niceties their way and they will continue working for you, generating revenue, generating work. Man has surpassed the conquering of other lands as the best way to raise funds. Just throw us an XBox360 and we will happily work our lives away with blinders on.

All these years and no one has realized that choosing between GOP and Dem isn't a choice, its a sham. Talk about complacent, all the while the world burns around us.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 01:17 AM
Exactly furry!

By be conditioned, or more easier put, living or honest lives, we are out and about trying to survive in this ratrace. They only thing that would cause displacment of our rythm, would be to create our own... way of .......doing things
crap thats been done already.
Howbout we protest
shucks that never workspeacefully.

Now what about using my billions of dollars to become a voicable shareholder in huge corporate rings, then write a couple books, be in a band and a few really good movies, then start dropping some political points of views I have to my worldwide fanbase???

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 03:50 AM
Good Evening,
Not everyone with BLUE blood is evil! However we have been taught the ways of the world VIA the status crow? CHRIST is & has already started to return!! People in this day no longer understand the law!! I descend from SatheBurg Goltha----I'm mean the Windsors, TUTORS, Stuarts, etc! However I'm not a lizard!
Um, I'm wasted so I shall talk to you later.


posted on May, 2 2007 @ 03:58 AM

Originally posted by vecarenx
1: The Amero Something has to save the dollar and our debt situation

adopting a new currency won't solve the debt problem. The only way to do that would be to repay it (impossible without a multi-decade "austerity" plan), or through huge inflation, devaluing the currency until the debt is reduced to an insignificant level in real terms..

i think the best they can do in that regard is to try to reduce spending and at least achieve a better equiblibrium.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 05:02 AM

Originally posted by tyranny22
why Americans these days let their government get away with so much. .

WHY are you picking on Americans? Everyone on the planet has a government that is 'getting away with so much ...'.

Seriously, the entire world has leadership that on some level isn't exactly on the up and up ... leadership that is ignorant .... leadership that reeks of corruption.

Why should America be any different? Actually, as far as I can tell, compared to a lot of the others, America is BETTER in that area then a lot of the world.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 06:59 AM
being better is not the same thing as being complacent and better is a relative term anyway.

Something is wrong when the poorest among us could live like kings in many other parts of the world.

We are so pampered and coddled that the vast majority of us don't even know it and that makes us complacent. Just look at our cars... the are getting so elaborate that they are becoming steel wombs... next thing you know they will have one that will wipe your ass for you.

We and inundated with info called news (that rarely is) and none of it filters down into knowledge. The last president we had who tried to get away with the things bush minor has was forced from office. Now, you try and point out what is going on and people just don't want to talk about it.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 07:59 AM
I don't think that the vast majority of Americans are complacent. Ethnocentric, yes. Our leaders are exceedingly complacent. Just read the PNAC manifesto. They actually think that because we are the world’s singular superpower that we should rule the world or at least dictate policy. Those people are just wrong. Unfortunately they are firmly in control of this administration. The arrogance of going to war with Iraq for no good reason and without any long range plan is criminal. Of course most of what they done has been criminal. Surveillance, torture, extreme secrecy, patriot act, they have diminished America, perhaps beyond repair. As for writing to the politicians I do it all the time and usually get back a pleasant thank you for your concern, blah blah. Basically an intern reads it (maybe) and their e-mail generates a programmed response. They don't care. How could we get their attention?

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 08:47 AM

Originally posted by polanksi
How could we get their attention?

Mass public demonstrations are usually the most effective way, but it has to be a REALLY big demonstration, in relation to the size of the country. That's how the Berlin wall fell. That's how Poland threw out the communists, and it's the way numerous former soviet states overthrew their corrupt post-communist leaders.

As a guide, there are currently up to 4 million people out on the streets right now in Turkey protesting the appointment of a pious releigious president, and UK anti-war marches have been around the million mark (they were too small obviously.. they didn't work!).

In a nation like the US, I'd imagine you'd need to mobilise at least 10 million people, and litterally fill the streets of every major city. It could be done, and in would probably make the difference, but unfortunately the US has never seen protests of this size. Even during the Vietnam and Civil rights protests, they rarely approached even the million mark.

[edit on 2-5-2007 by nowthenlookhere]

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 11:04 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

Originally posted by tyranny22
why Americans these days let their government get away with so much. .

WHY are you picking on Americans? Everyone on the planet has a government that is 'getting away with so much ...'.

Seriously, the entire world has leadership that on some level isn't exactly on the up and up ... leadership that is ignorant .... leadership that reeks of corruption.

Why should America be any different? Actually, as far as I can tell, compared to a lot of the others, America is BETTER in that area then a lot of the world.

Other countries have revolutions (i.e.: The Orange Revolution of the Ukraine). I don't beleive America will ever have a revolution of it's own. Sure, we had one against Britian back in the day in order to found a better government. The politicians ruined that for us about 1890 or so.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:32 PM
I hate to say it but the salad days of the United States is over and the American century is drawing to a close. I am 51 and if I live another 30 years I fully expect to see some sort of social and economic collapse before I die. I expect to see an environmental crisis and severe food shortages. I also expect to see our leaders telling us it is as good as it has ever been and I fully expect to see people desperately trying to believe them because not to, would be to call into question how we have lived our lives.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 01:04 PM
I agree that we are too complacent on many levels and we are fighting greed and human nature to control and dominate
the end result being what the last person said.
severe collapse of many systems and subsystems both natural and society due to already overload demands on Nature and the posion that the big industries have created let alone the radiation from nuclear blast in the atmosphere by the US government, in the ocean, etc.

we are gonna see a huge collapse of nature and the economic and social rebounds are gonna be dire

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 02:26 PM
The American people get the exact type of government they vote for.
We get to fire the president every 4 years, our Senators every 6 years and our Congressman every 2 years. If things are screwed up we have only ourselves to blame.

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by RWPBR
The American people get the exact type of government they vote for.

I don't think Bush won the popular vote in the last election, not sure about the one before, but I think it was WAAAAAY too close not to have a re-count. The elite get what they want. The people get screwed. Bush's approval rating has been around 35% for as long as I remember. And I'd say that's probably about the percentage that voted for him.

I believe Obama will get the most votes from the democrats this time, but it won't matter. McCain will win.

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