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The Palestinian Unity Govt is about to feel the full wrath of the IDF..

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posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 12:55 PM
Hamas rocket attack cover for attempting kidnapping of IDF soldier

In this article, it states that yesterday/today, Hamas ended their "truce", and launch a series of rockets and mortars at Israel. Usually these are fired by other groups, but Hamas is back up to their old game.

The problem is, Hamas and Fatah recently made the unity government, and Hamas is the dominant partner. This means now, Hamas is the dominant force, the leading force, in Palestinian politics, the P.A.'s lead group and maker of military decisions.

This is going to prompt a hellish response by Israel's IDF and Air Force. All along, since 2000, most attacks have been sporadic and not very deadly, with random militant palestinian groups launching homemade rockets into southern Israel. Hamas, when they came to power through election last year or was it the year before? Said they were at a truce with Israel. And from that point, Hamas fighters had done very little overall in operations against Israel, for fear of reprisal on Palestinian Authority infastructure & the West Bank. But now..

Now it seems all is inevitable for war to break out, because Hamas is flagrantly ending their truce and just conducted a high risk, failed terrorist kidnap operation on Israel, under a rocket barrage. This has grave implications, and I question Hamas' judgement here.

Do they think by doing this, they'll provoke that massive Israeli response, "nation to nation" as it were when they hit Lebanon, even though Israel nor Palestine can either truly be called a real nation at the moment, in the eyes of the world's people. They must be trying to provoke a big response so the Israeli tanks and troops will roll into Gaza and West Bank in a massive offensive, and once the troops are commited, the Shia's from the North with start a new Offensive on Israel from their re-established fortifications and weaponry they've been rebuilding and repairing since the previous war. The difference this time will be that there will be thousands of U.N. troops from various countries sitting on that border. I wonder what role they will be forced to play in a conflict like that. Would they assist the Israelis since the bulk of their forces might be assaulting and occupying West Bank & Gaza after a couple more of these blatant Hamas "Declaration of war" attacks?

Because thats the only viable strategy Hamas could be playing .. is drawing Israel into pounding on the Palestinian people some more to drum up support for a regional war to break out against Israel this year of 2007, similar to last years' war except more people involved, possibly Iran, Syria, the U.S., the U.N. forces already on the ground & stationed off the coast in the Med.

Yes, things look grave indeed.. pre-armageddon round deux?

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