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Chlorine Bombs a Threat in the US ?

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posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 07:46 AM
Homeland Security is increasingly wary that the use of chlorine tanks rigged with explosives could be a possibility here in the US.

In the article it says the FBI has been informed of numerous thefts of chlorine in California. It also reported several attemps to steal the stuff as well.

This news comes at a time where the chlorine bomb is being used in attacks occurring in Iraq.


WASHINGTON April 24 (UPI) -- The U.S. Homeland Security Department is concerned the use of chlorine bombs in Iraq is now a threat to the United States, USA Today reported Tuesday.
In Washington, Robert Stephan, Homeland Security's infrastructure protection chief said 150-pound tanks of chlorine are common throughout the world and terrorists have learned to make bombs from them that kill not only by explosive force but by suffocating victims with toxic fumes.

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I looked for a news report of the California thefts but was unsuccessful.

I did find one from Tallahassee, Florida where 1600 gallons were stolen.

Chlorine taken from pool-supply company

Who would steal 1,600 gallons of chlorine? It's a question the people at Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies are asking after discovering the theft last Friday.

Staffers at the North Monroe Street pool-supply store "went to fill up a bulk customer (order) and it was empty, the lock was missing on the inside," assistant manager John Danner said Thursday of the 2,000-gallon tank.

Anyone else seeing this happen in your area?

posted on Apr, 25 2007 @ 03:01 PM
This is more chlorine that has been stolen.

Equipment: Blue, Steel, cylinder filled with chlorine gas; The ID/Serial number of the tank is 5915AP, and is stamped into the cylinder just below the valve cover; The tank is about 4 feet tall when upright, and weighs about 150 lbs filled.
The gas, if released, can be very hazardous, is yellow/green in color, and has a pungent odor similar to bleach. The Chlorine (CI) gas in this cylinder was used by Shamrock farms to inhibit the growth of algae in drip irrigation lines. A higher concern is that Chlorine gas can be used in an intentional harmful manner, although the purpose of the theft is unknown. The supplier and distributor of the tank as well as the FBI are all aware of this theft. This is the only known reported theft of a Chlorine gas filled cylinder in the area.

Date of theft: February 19, 2007
County: Kings
Owner Applied Number: none
Contact: Detective Ty Milton - Rural Crime Task Force, Kings County Sheriff's Department
Phone: (559) 582-3211


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