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Monitored/Induced Engineered Pregnancies

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posted on Apr, 22 2007 @ 06:52 PM
When I was an adolescent, I sort-of eavesdropped on a discussion my father was having with someone else - it was concerning (what can be best described as) engineered pregnancies.

My family is very religious and 'republican', but a few years after I had heard that discussion my father went "nuts" and couldn't talk about anything else but the Illuminati, Freemasons and religious brainwashing. He also started accusing my mother of adultery and saying that the Illuminati had infiltrated the Church (Anti-Christ).

I never believed in anything he ever said because he was a violent, sociopathic bastard. But shortly before the last time I saw him he said that there was a possibility that he was not my father, and lately (about four years later) I have started to consider it because I do have traits from my mother and siblings, but none from my father or his family. It seems my family has secrets they don't want me to know about.

Now the scary part is that my ex-sister in law told me that she had a twin sister who had died in a fire (in the UK) while trying to retrieve records that their birth had been engineered by her father's company and that they were genetically altered. She said my father had become involved (by sticking his nose where it didn't belong) and warned me not to delve too deeply into my own origins as that would put me in danger - although I had always thought that I was sure who my parents were.

That's not the worst. The hospital were I was delivered (in SA) was closed in the mid nineties (shortly after Nelson Mandela was elected as president of South Africa), without any forewarning or reason and hasn't been opened again since. All the medical equipment, admin support and even bed linen has been left as it was the day they closed. No-one has been able to get into that hospital due to heavy security AND no-one has ever enquired about it, almost as if they were too scared to.

I'm just beginning to think I'm being paranoid. But that's why I'm posting this, because there must be someone who has heard of something similar. Or maybe just someone who'll tell me I'm looking for answers where there aren't any questions.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards,

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