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The "Grey Story"

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posted on Apr, 21 2007 @ 08:44 PM
Evolution dictates that small orginizims grew into fish in the sea and these fish adapted to live on land by growing legs and lungs.

This would imply that life all began in the ocean and moved towards land, so the sea is where all beings originated from. I believe that millions of years ago another creature came from the ocean and adapted to live on land, but it was no reptile. The humans species came about after the extinction when mammals inherited the Earth. This species would have already been a mammal and a very intelligent and extraordinary one at that. This animal would evolve to stand on two legs and walk upright, already with established language which they had spoken telepathicaly since their days in the sea. Their telepathic abilities enabled them to move heavy objects and defend themselves without having to become physical. And since they evolved from Dolphins, they could have sex to reproduce whenever they wanted.
They were a peacefull people with a thirst for knowledge and ingaged only in contest of intelligence with each other.
They developed a space program and developed space craft that could travel the stars endlessly and examine everything they found. When the heavens were shaken and the war between angels began, the Reptilian Annunaki came to Earth and the Greys were told by God to leave but that they would serve as watchers over humanity. The Greys found a suitable planet in Zeta Reticuli and their society flurishes there.
The Greys are very close to God and understand Him greater than any human ever could. They know that mankind is Gods perfect and final creation and they respect us for that. The reason that the typical alien abductee are white American Christians is because they wish to create a species of their own people who can be saved. A combination of them and Gods hand created chosen race, the Jews.
These Greys know that the plight of humanity is the plight of the universe and simply announcing their existance would only add to the confusion since we are both Earthlings. The Greys want to abduct humans for cross breeding and they wanted clear air space so they made a deal with the US Government in which they traded technology for secrecy and protection.
Reptilians take the form of Greys to demonize them so in fact when some people see a Grey they look directly at a demon. The true Greys are a peace loving people millions of years old with every vast knowledge there is to know.

Note this is only a working theory and not claimed to be fact.

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posted on Apr, 21 2007 @ 09:01 PM
Nice story. Got a publicist, yet ?

Mods, please move this to Skunkworks.



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