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Water on Pentagon Fire

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posted on Apr, 20 2007 @ 03:11 PM
I've seen some mentions about of water, not fire-suppressant foam, used to fight the Pentagon fires. I just found what may be the main source of these, a 2002 series of pieces by Carol Valentine of Public Action inc.
part I
Part V

She cited regulation on using foam to fight aviation fuel fires. Sounds correct enough.

She sites water being used in at last a few media reports:
"Outside, the Arlington County police and fire departments arrived and started securing the area and pumping water on the blaze." ("September 11 at the Pentagon," American Forces Press Service, October 11, 2001

She backs up the charge with this photo:

“the much of the "water" being sprayed by the firetruck appears to be white out. The jet originates from the lower left side of the picture, to the left of the fire truck, and the water fans out broadly but does not lose any of its opacity."

* Experts! Is this water or foam? I don't know such things....

She ignores the possibility that both foam AND water were used for different spots at different times.

She dismisses "Geoff Metcalf's" photos (since authenticated), implying that they are doctored to show foam. "Geoff does not cite the source of the photographs or accompanying text, nor does he cite the name of the photographer, the news agency, publication, or source web page. How much trust would you put in documentation like this?"

Ummm, more than in your misconstrued scenario IMPLYING no foam was used with no proof?

She thinks water being used shows either a desire to spread the fire rather than extinguish it, or that there was no aviation fuel due to there being no plane.
"Perhaps all these firefighters knew what we don't -- maybe there was no aviation fuel in the Pentagon that day . . . no aviation fuel means no airplane, no airplane means no truth in the Official Story. That's one explanation."

Mostly I'm fishing for thoughts here: Any firefighters? Opinions on water vs foam? Were both, either, neither used at the Pentagon from what you can see?
Water theorists: Any other or better evidence that water was used in lieu of foam? Or how this disproves a plane? What's all the white stuff? Etc...

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