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the social effects of the virginia tech shooting (using my cellege as an example)...

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posted on Apr, 19 2007 @ 03:39 PM
here is an email that i recently received on "how to recognize warning signs for potentially dangerous students"...

here is the gist of the email (sorry for quoting a lot, but its important):


1. Any direct statement about the intention to harm oneself or other members of the community.

2. “Hints” that the individual intends to harm themselves or other members of the community. For example, “I might not be around after this weekend;” “It would be a good idea for you to stay out of the cafeteria tomorrow;” “People might get hurt, if they’re not careful;” “I’d think twice about failing me in this class if I were you.”

3. Extreme difficulty adjusting to college life; for example, the student is isolated, depressed, and/or very angry, with peers or adults in the community.

4. A pattern of escalating hostility or resentment in either verbal or written communications from a student.

5. Significant changes in behavior, appearance, habits, mood or activities.

6. Statements from individuals about access to fire arms and suggestions that they may be bringing them to the campus or may already have them on campus.

7. Behaviors that indicate that the individual is settling his or her affairs, which may include telling people goodbye, giving possessions away, and/or making statements about what they would like to have done should something happen to them.

8. Fascination with violence, including video games, rock music, and violent “role models”.

9. Your own “gut feeling” that someone that you know intends to harm themselves or others.

the only problem that i have is number eight (and maybe number nine)...

what do you think about numbers eight and nine???

posted on Apr, 19 2007 @ 03:52 PM
I think this list is great. I think by the end of it, this should cover just about every kid that goes to college, and then they will all be suspended asked to stay at home and then we won't have any more school shootings. Problem solved.

Seriously thought. I think the ones about bringing guns to school or the fact that they have guns is a good one.

Eight really depends on the individual. I mean this rule could apply to some kids in grade three, as much as I hate to say it it's true. Some of those kids are playing video games that I can't even imagine. Have you walked past an arcade lately. The games are graphic and violent.

I think these rules will put people into an unncessacary frenzy. People having trouble adjusting? What first year college freshman does not have some trouble?

Changes in appearance? Thank good this is not the 70's.

Some of these rules are just bloodly stupid and they are going to get good kids, and innocent kids into trouble.

Eg. I just read on another forum where someone said that after Columbine they were called into the councillors office becasue they dressed in all black.

Then because they gave a cross to a friend cause they had no use for it, they were again called in because it was a sign of giving ones possessions away, being depressed and possibly suicidal.

Take it a step futher and this person could have been sent in for a psychological evaluation, and then been rumoured to be the next problem child in school.

I am sure these rules and guildelines are trying to help, but they also have the exact opposite affect of fostering situations that can get out of hand really fast, and turn normally healthy kids, into freakish outcasts who are viewed as problems, whither they have a problem or not.


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