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Blood washing machine

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posted on Apr, 19 2007 @ 05:50 AM
I found another thread... I was using the wrong words to search for when I originally posted this. The link to the first thread about this is:


Sorry for the inconvinience


I tried to search for this on the forum, but couldn't find anything. Personally I think this is a major discovery since it will leviate the problems that sometimes occur when patients need a special kind of bloodtype.

The site I'm linking to is danish, I will supply a translation of it below the quote.

In the meantime I will go look for international sites that describe this invention more thoughrougly.


Kan nu ændre alt blod til type 0

02. apr. 2007 18.11 Udland
En "vaskemaskine", der kan ændre donorblod til type O. Sådan beskrives et enzym, som et internationalt forskerhold med dansk islæt har opdaget.

Enzymet kan "vaske" blodgrupperne A, B og AB, så de bliver den universelle blodtype O, som alle kan tåle.

O-blod er en mangelvare
- Det er ret banebrydende, at man kan lave det her, siger overlæge Morten Bagge Hansen, chef for Rigshospitalets Blodbank.

O-blod er en mangelvare mange steder i verden, ikke mindst i akutte situationer, hvor det er livsvigtigt at have den rette type blod i tilstrækkelige mængder.

Den nye metode er blevet testet på forsøgspersoner i USA med gode resultater. Endnu er der dog et stykke vej, før "blodvask" bliver almindelig praksis i de danske blodbanker, vurderer Morten Bagge Hansen, der ikke selv har haft noget med projektet at gøre.


Now posible to change all blood to type O

A "washingmachine", which can change donorblood to type O. That is the way an enzyme, which a scienceteam with a danish touch has discovered, is described.

The enzyme can "wash" the types of blood called A, B and AB so they become the universal bloodtype O, which everyon can use.

O-blood is in need

- It's pretty groundbreaking that you can do this, says chief of Rigshospitals Bloodbank, Morten Bagge Hansen.

O-blood is in need many places in the world, especially in acute situations where it is life or death wether you have the right type of blood or not in adequate amounts.

The new method has been tested on test subjects in the US with good results. Though there is still some way to go before "bloodwash" becomes standart praxis in the danish bloodbanks, accesses Morten Bagge Hansen, who has not personally been involved in this project.

This will no doubt save many lives in the future.

International links for the above discovery:


Washington times

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posted on Apr, 19 2007 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by flice
I found another thread... I was using the wrong words to search for when I originally posted this. The link to the first thread about this is:


Thanks, let's use the original thread to continue discussion.

Thread closed.

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