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Cuban Conspiracy

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posted on Apr, 18 2007 @ 02:51 AM
I am not a scholar on this issue, but I know that the US currently has a trade embargo on Cuba that has been more progressive since it was introduced way back in 1962. But, I was not aware - up until a few years ago - that Guantanamo Bay is a military base that we pay a lease on to the government of Cuba.

To me, this flies in the face of convention. We make trade rules to restrict economic activity with Cuba, and then agree to pay them rent for a government facility.

To me, the official governmental policy on Cuba is nothing but a front for US citizens. Our government is really in bed with them and the whole embargo is a non issue. Why would our government be so petty and waste time with an embargo when trade would make a lot of money for investors, etc??

I don't get it?

Wikipedia Article

The History of the Lease

Also note in the above link towards the end, Cuba claims they do not cash these payments from the US government for the lease. Could it be that they understand it would be an agreement to the lease terms which they don't approve of and have no power to remove the US from Guantanimo or that there is no way they can cash a US check because of the embargo?

Maybe they wish not to trade with us?


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