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Nanoprobe Thought Transmission

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posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 06:12 AM


I'm a new poster, tho I've been lurking about this incredible think-tank community since 2004. After reading about mind-reading technology supposedly on-the-horizon (or here, depending upon how you view it), it occured to me that something far more sinister may be afoot.

If tech can identify electrical activity prior to my initiating a command from my brain to my body, that seems to qualify as mind-reading, which pretty much goes without saying. What concerns me stems from a Rense program discussing Morgellon's disease,
the topic examining a possible direct connection between chemtrails and nanoprobe-induced Morgellon's in innocent citizens. I'm not posting about the disease, which is weird enough, but the alledged perpertrators of the infection: nanoprobes. This mp3 broadcast, along with the following quote from etshrtslr on the first page of an ats thread, is what lit this fuse of distressing curiosity for me:

"One of the Dr. that was on the mp3 said that some of these nano's were definitely receivers and it occurred to me that maybe HAARP has some function in all this. I cant even begin to imagine what but it is all really strange."
Here's the thread, btw:

So, what if the nanoprobes are integrating with and emulating natural neuron activity within the brain, processing thought files and broadcasting them to whomeverthehell sent them in the first place?

Please find it in your heart to forgive this OP if said topic has already been pondered, it just freaked me out for a moment when I realized that there really is no logical reason that it could not be done, considering how increasingly shocking the news headlines are by the day.

Prosperity & Peace.

posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 06:52 AM
We've been discussing EXACTLY this in this thread.

To ensure that we don't have too many errant threads on the same topic, I recommend that you review the posts in this thread and contribute here. We have been investigating this ad nauseum and could certainly use some new theories, ideas and research into the area. Thanks.


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