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Global Warming A National Security Threat Warns Retried Military Leaders

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 01:52 PM

Global warming poses a “serious threat to America's national security'' with terrorism worsening and the U.S. will likely be dragged into fights over water and other shortages, top retired military leaders warn in a new report.

Joining calls already made by scientists and environmental activists, the retired U.S. military leaders, including the former Army chief of staff and President Bush's former chief Middle East peace negotiator, called on the U.S. government to make major cuts in emissions of gases that cause global warming.

The report warned that in the next 30 to 40 years there will be wars over water, increased hunger instability from worsening disease and rising sea levels and global warming-induced refugees. “The chaos that results can be an incubator of civil strife, genocide and the growth of terrorism,'' the 35-page report predicted.

The report was issued by the Alexandria, Va.-based, national security think-tank The CNA Corporation and was written by six retired admirals and five retired generals. They warned of a future of rampant disease, water shortages and flooding that will make already dicey areas — such as the Middle East, Asia and Africa — even worse.


As it stands, regardless of the causes of Clobal Climate Change, they
are right.

I think that this should be a real wake-up call for some, seeing that
top retired military officials are saying that this is a problem.

Comments, Opinions?


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