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my dream about...

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posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 07:10 AM
Doctor Dream

Right I had this dream the other night and I cannot get it out of my head because it was so incredibly real. Most of you have heard about Doctor Who right? the last surviving Time Lord who travels time and space with his companions and faces Daleks and Cybermen.

so the other night I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream about the doctor where me and this other girl I know ( I am a girl btw) were travelling with him but it wasn't any of the actors who've played the doctor it was like he was the real thing. We got back to London and then media were all over us because a guy who had accidentally gone with us had filmed it all and now everyone were freaking out about it.

The other girl..let's name her Sarah, and I were trying to get back to the doctor but he woulnd't let us because it wasn't safe, he was trying to protect us from being confronted by media and there was chaos all over the place. I was trying to call him to ask him where he was but he told me not to go because it wasn't safe, he seemed somewhat upset and then he just ended the phone call and I can't remember what happened next because I woke up and it was around 3 AM in the morning and I as sweating as from exhaustion. Í don't know..there was this panic inside me.

I know you're all gonna say that I've been watching too much doctor who and that it's all gone to my head and that dreams are way for our subconscious to deal with everyday problem. I'm 18 years old...I'm not insane...and it sounds really weird but I just think there's something else to it and I would really be glad if someone could answer me and I hope someone will take me seriously....

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