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RE: $25M Virgin Earth Challenge; "[i]Franken-Clouds[/i]" a leading contender imho

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posted on Apr, 14 2007 @ 10:11 AM
i came across this modern idea of both cooling the skies and removing the greenhouse gas CO2

see Joe Fox's solution to the global warming process at;

Using a cloud seeding bacteria that eats CO2, it grows into a tremendous cloud in hours,
then so full of carbon fibers inside unexcreted and heavily fattened, the bacteria drop dead to the ground in about a day of gluttony eating CO2
to make carbon fibers inside itself unexcreted and releasing O2, like plants,
taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and dropping it to the ground, leaving a clean atmosphere behind, in about a day,
since the bacteria grows, like, well bacteria, to a huge cloud in 2 to 4 hours....

thats the'good' part of the comes the 'Frankin-cloud' part
and just one of the unintended consequences that could arise...

...and when the bacteria rains down dead from the sky, it would only look like yogurt/wood dust...

the bacteria has 2 kinds of genes 'inserted' into it, one to absorb UV and heat energy (its called cholorophyl?) the 2d gene is one that allows CO2 to grow into plant bark.

an unintended consequence would be Fertilizer companies going out of business or at least lobbying congress for subsidies because of all the free fertilizer raining down on the landscape...making their product obsolete and unprofitable.

we'd also have lake, reseviors, clogged with dead yogurt/bark like bacteria,
sturdy umbrellas for sports events not under a domed stadium seating.
larger storm drains or periodic flushing of smaller, clogging, storm drains

if we had these franken-clouds obscuring the heavens, all sorts of havoc would result.

Joe Fox has a decent idea, but there's a lot of refinements still needed,
or else we could have a reenactment of a 1950-ish, Sci-Fi gone wrong story to remember. -> just food for thought

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 01:06 AM
So just because we can think of the worst case scenario, this automatically requires that we not do test trials in isolated Areas, around fabricated cities and animals to study the effects?

Its exactly what everyone who has tested nuclear devices above ground have done. At least this would not vaporize any infrastructure or living beings, and leave the land contaminated with radiation rendering it inhospitable?

I think we should test this out in Antarctica. Perhaps large swaths of dead bacteria will begin to host nan-seedlings, or even new forms of phyto-plankton in the waters?

Considering the benefits, IMO, this far outwieghs the negative variables, which can be tested and re-tested in an isolated environment with little to no consequence in the modern world. A simple scientific experiment can provide much needed new sciences to humanities' current social tormoils.


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