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visits from old friends

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posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 07:49 PM
has anybody ever felt that they have been visited by a friend who has passed away. about 10 years ago, something happened to me which i still cannot figure out and i am still trying to get answers, here is my ghostly experience..
it was a saturday morning and my girlfriend at the time had gone to work and she had left me too sleep. i dont sleep well but the best time for me too sleep is in the morning, so she left me sleeping. i was in a deep sleep when all of a sudden i woke up with a very strong feeling that someone was in the room watching me. at first i thought it was my friends son but as i looked round the room i remembered he had gone to his dads for the weekend but the feeling of someone in the room was so strong but no one was in the room. i layed back down in bed but the feeling was getting stronger and i just had too have another look around the room. again no one was in the room with me. it was very strange feeling, i KNEW some one was in the room. i could not see anybody so i layed back down, i was on my side at the side of the bed looking out (if you know what i mean) when all of a sudden i felt someone sitting on the bed at the other side. i was about 30 years old at the time and i was not too easy to scare but at that moment i was terrified. the person then layed down and i could actually feel this person slide across the bed till we where spooning together. we layed like that for about 5secs then i freaked out and jumped out of bed screaming like a schoolgirl. the feeling of some one being in the room with me disappeared at that moment. i layed back down in the bed, totally shocked, the alarm clock was reading 10.33. i started thinking about what had happened and i suddenly got the feeling a friend had just died and they had came too say goodbye. i actually started to feel guilty that i had scared her away (yes i think i know who it was). a few weeks after that i had a strange dream, my grandmother (who died about 20 years ago) was introducing me too some one. the dream was very hazy and even the next morning it was hard to remember. i cannot remember who the person was just the two people standing in a dark hall with a light behind them. for months after i hoped my friend would come back, so we could finish what she had wanted but she has never came back.
what happened that morning will always be with me, i just cannot forget it or fully understand it. so i would like to hear if anybody has ever had the feeling that a friend has come to visit after death..........
thank you

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 11:02 PM
My dad visited me after he died in 1992. The first time was about a month after and even though it seemed as if it was a dream, I know it wasn't, somehow. I was attending nursing school at the time, which is unnecessarily demanding and selfish (IMO) in regard to a person's actual LIFE for the two years required...and he had been sick for about a year and I just didn't get to spend the time I wanted to, with him, my hero and best friend, in those last weeks. However, he was more than proud of me for what I was endeavoring to do (and did) yet there always seems to be that tinge of vague guilt in those situations. So he came to me and told me it was okay. And then I knew it was and got over my own issues with it.

Later on, a few years even, I saw him in the doorway of my bedroom and I remember his hand was on the door frame and when I looked at his hands, I saw details that were as familiar to me as my own hands; yet these details I had not thought of or remembered on my own, ever. I remember being so startled at the wrinkles in his hand that I had forgotten I knew so well. I knew, without a doubt, that it wasn't my imagination or wishful thinking or anything like that - I feel certain it WAS my dad - or at least his energy/soul/spirit - his true essence...

Now I live back at home with my mom, who is 81 and alone...and I felt him acutely at first around me but over time it is much more intrinsic - this probably sounds nuts, but it seems that he is with me, in me, all the time now - it's been several years that I've been here. It might seem creepy to some people, but to me it is the next best thing (or maybe better, in certain ways) than him being near me. I wrote a poem about it, way back, and it starts off:

I have comfortably become my father...

posted on Apr, 14 2007 @ 05:53 PM
thank you very much queenannie
yes it is hard to believe but you know it happened.
i am glad your father has stayed with you and your mother, you must have had a very close family. i would love to have my friend come back and say goodbye but i think i scared her more than she scared me, so i guess i will have to wait a little longer for my answer. as for a nurse being selfish, i dont think so and i do not think your father ever saw it that way.
my daughter who is now 17 is the only thing in my life that matters too me, she is everything to me. her mother moved away from me and took my daughter from me for almost 7 years and they were the worst years of my life. some days, my daughter would come into my head so strong it scared me, I KNEW SHE WAS IN TROUBLE but there was nothing i could do and my whole life crashed around me for days on end. i believe i could feel her pain and still do. she now lives with me and like i said she is all that matters, she has her own life and is out most of the time with her boyfriend and mates but every now and then i get this feeling that i need to talk too her (thanks for mobiles) and she is always having a bad night when i phone her, strange i know but it happens. we have always been very close and i hope that stays forever. i hope i can stay with my daughter like your father but i think it would scare the **** out of my daughter. i know she missed me as much as i missed her for them 7 years and we are both very happy now that we live together.
does your father still have a say in your life or help you making decisions.
thank you again queenannie
i now know i am not alone on two accounts

posted on Apr, 14 2007 @ 06:03 PM
I don't know if it could be considered a visit, per se, but I've had a few dreams about my best friend Holly who died a few years back. One was about her car accident, and the other was one one where we actually spoke.

In that dream, I just kinda saw Holly randomly, and i ran up and started talking to her like nothing had changed, although in the dream i knew she was still dead. Then I was trying to be funny, so I came closer to her and pulled on her shirt like a little kid would and said, "So Holly, this means... you KNOW like, what happens now." To this she replies, "Oh, yeah. But I can’t tell you." and then we talked more. I felt the need to take pictures of her and my friend Jenn, who was also there in the dream. They didn’t look happy about it, so I was a big #hole and said "Okay, let’s not look like somebody just died." I got my pictures.


posted on Apr, 14 2007 @ 08:30 PM
thank you very much airrikka
did you have a special bond with holly.
in these situations i do not think we are being #holes, we are put (for a better word) into these events for a reason. i was in the situation that morning and blew it, big time, i remember feeling very guilty that i had scared her away with me squealing like a schoolgirl and i know she felt bad that she had scared me. besides my daughter, there is only two women in my life that i cared about and i know for a fact one of them died that morning. in your dream, did you believe you where meeting holly and jenn for real and where they saying goodbye for the last time (i hope you know what i am trying to say). what do you mean by, you got your pictures.
i know this is so weird but i know what happened to me that morning and i know i am not the only one.

i rode motorbikes from i was 13 and for some reason i KNEW i was not going to die on a motorbike. i walked away from accidents that i knew was unreal and i had a lot of GOOD LUCK, my last and final accident happened while i was travelling at well over 100mph. i do not remember the start of the accident, i remember bouncing down the road for about 100yards till it suddenly hit me that i was going to die, there and then. my life did not flash before my eyes and my daughter was not in my mind (i felt guilty about that). i then lost about the next 5secs and the next thing i remember was, i was running up the road after the bike. the people on the road at the time where amazed that i was living never mind running. i broke ribs and my neck but like i said, i was not going to die in a motorbike accident. i have not been on a bike since, so my feeling of not dying on a motorbike came true. weird. a guardian angel, i really do not know but i know i should not have walked away from at least 6 accidents.

the dream i had with about my grandmother introducing me to someone was very vague and hazy and i tried my best the next morning to remember but i could not recall all of the dream or who i was being introduced too.
do you mind telling who jenn is.

thank you very much airrikka

[edit on 14-4-2007 by spliffy]

posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 03:29 PM
Hi Spliffy,

When I said I got my pictures, I meant that we took the pictures with my camera in the dream. I didn't see the actual photographs or anything in the dream, I just remember us posing.

Jenn is my other best friend. She's still living.

I am not sure of whether or not it was a final goodbye type of dream. I think I've only had one dream about Holly since then. This is the second one:

I was visiting Holly's mom, since it was around the anniversary of her death. I was alone and I went to knock on the door and I heard people behind me but I didn't look to see who they were. Her mom answered the door, looking kind of nervous. She said "come on in, Holly is going to be here any second." I was shocked, and I said "what???" and turned around. It turned out the voices that I heard were Holly and I'm assuming, a boyfriend. I started crying and I hugged her. I couldn't believe she was alive. Holly's mom went away and left us alone to talk. Holly told me she had faked her death because she was having a lot of trouble with her life and wanted to get away. She transferred to a school for delinquents (why? she graduated high school anyway) and moved to another part of the state where no one knew her. She chose me to be the only one to know, and I had to keep it secret. I don't remember much else that happened, and I woke up soon thereafter.

This one was clearly pulled from my mind since we all know her death was real, which makes me kind of discredit the idea that I was able to talk to the real Holly in the other dream.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by spliffy
does your father still have a say in your life or help you making decisions.

I and my father are one, spliffy! It is AWESOME!

thank you again queenannie

Thank you, spliffy!

i now know i am not alone on two accounts

no, my love, you are NOT ALONE. We are NOT ALONE.

We are watched over and loved and helped and respected and cared for.

We do not see our watchers but they see us.

We are gathering up.

Weird letter
Lamb Miracle
Woman Rides a Beast
Behold a White Horse
Alpha & Omega

posted on Apr, 19 2007 @ 05:30 PM
thank you airrikka
i just wanted to make sure about the photo.
i cannot tell you if holly came to see you or you have just been dreaming but i can tell you for defaintly, that my friend came too see me that saturday morning and i cannot be the only one that this has happened too.
when i do dream, i always dream of living people that i have known for the last 20years, i might not have seen the person (who i was dreaming about) for 20 years but i must still think about them, but i have never had a visit or a dream about her since that morning and i actually feel sad about that. i must remember not too squeal like a little school
i hope you carry on having NICE dreams about holly (thats if you want too) and i would not discredit your first dream or anything else, thats strange, you never know

and you need to sleep for awhile, to sort out them eyes and your mood

i hope it goes good for you and thank you very much for sharing your dreams, i would like too hear if you have any more or anything else you have too say

i now realize what i had said
I and my father are one, spliffy! It is AWESOME!
stupid of me too ask, sorry
i do believe we have someone watching over us, as i said, i had too many accidents and near misses, which i cannot explain nor can my friends who witnessed these events. i do not count myself lucky because if i was truely lucky, the big accidents would never have happened but they did and i am here writing about it. i have seen pro motor bike racers dying or severly handicapped with slower and less violent accidents. i do suffer with a lot of pains now and i am paying for my stupid life style but i cannot change that.

i would like to think my friend now watches me, she was very smart and had a very level head and she done me a lot of good, i can only hope.
i try to figure out everything that happens in my life and sometimes i cannot explain strange things that happen but i do not believe in god or the devil. i will not say why i think that because i do not want too offend anybody.
but i do believe we are HELPED through our life and that we are watched by demons, ghosts, ghouls, angels, fairys (and the list goes on). call them what you like, i have only MET one nice demon or fairy or what ever you would like to call her......

thank you very much queenannie38
i will have to go back to alpha and omega
it is very gooood


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