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The Perfect Fishin' Trip!!!!!!!

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posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 11:05 AM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'...... I was watchin' a show about people doin' some fishin' on my fancy 12" black & white zenith television. I adjusted the really cool antennae on the top so the picture came in all clear and stuff. Yep, that is one fancy antennae.
Hmmmmm.........I think I wanna do some fishin' and stuff. So I says to myself, Self? What would be the perfect fishin' trip?

Hmmmmmm......... the perfect fishin' trip, the perfect fishin' trip.....

C'mon brain, I need you to do some good thinkin' here........


Those guys fishin' were catchin' those really cool big blue fish that jump out of the water and stuff, and have those really fancy long pointed noses. They looked like they were havin' fun catchin those really cool fish. Yeah, but they kept talkin' about how hot it was, and they were all sweaty and stuff. I don't like hot weather that much. Nope not perfect.

Hey! How about ice fishin'! That's not hot. Yep, I could go up there and build a really cool igloo, and drill a nice big hole in the ice and do some fishin'. Hmmmmm....... But I'd have to use a sled dog to get me there. I don't think my dog Yabaastad would like pullin' that sled very much. I'd be screamin' "Mush Yabaastad!", and he would probably just sit there lookin' at me and stuff lookin' all cold and sad. Nope not perfect.

How about goin' to the pond and catchin' some catfish? Not to hot, no sleddin', but they're too small. I want to have to strap myself into a fancy chair because it's so big it's pull me overboard and stuff. Like that really cool guy Quint did in Jaws. Nope not perfect.

Shark fishin'? I saw what happened to that really cool guy Quint in Jaws. Nope definitely not perfect!

Hmmmmmm.......So what would be the perfect fishin' trip? I want to catch somethin' really big and fancy.

Hmmmm......... C'mon brain, do your thing. The perfect fishin' trip, the perfect fishin' trip........

Wait! I got it! The perfect fishin' trip would be to catch the Loch Ness Monster! Yeah!!! Oh brain, that is such good thinkin'!
Man I'd have to get a really fancy chair and like those seatbelts that the race car drivers wear to catch that Loch Ness Monster. And like I could put that chair with those seatbelts on a really big cool boat. Yeah! Like those really cool PT boats on McHales Navy! Yeah, that would be so cool! And like when I catch that Loch Ness Monster, if he's all grouchy and stuff and tries to eat me, I could shoot a torpedoe at him and stuff! It's perfect!

Now those guys on that fishin' show were usin' squid and stuff for bait. Hmmmmm...... bait. Hey! I could get one of those Giant Squids and use it for bait! Yep, no way that Loch Ness Monster is gonna turn down a giant squid dinner! Oh brain, I love you. And like I could use a really fancy fishin' rod and stuff. A really big one. I could make one out of like a telephone pole and stuff. yep, and make a really big reel out of those wooden cable reels. The wooden reels that I used to use as a round table in my basement when I was in High School! Oh man, this is so perfect!

I could put my fancy transistor radio next to me so I can listen to music. And when I catch that Loch Ness Monster, I'll have him stuffed, and I'll mount it on my wall. I bet that Taxidermist will be so surprised!

Oh brain, you amaze me...........

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