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New investigation on 9/11

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posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 05:13 AM
I've found another investigation on 9/11, it's an italian production called Zero - Investigation on 9/11. One of the authors is the independent journalist and member of the european parliament Giulietto Chiesa.
The documentary seems to be based on a lot of interviews (scientists, pilots, survivors, journalists...) and 2D and 3D reconstructions...
Their mission is to show where the official reports are avoiding to answer important questions or where they lie about what happened.
Don't know when they're gonna release it, there's nothing about it on the site, - the site seems also to have some database problems in this moment.
They posted some video on youtube, you find something here, but the trailer unfotunately is only in italian, i hope they publish something more soon, 'cause they say they have very interesting video stuff.
Does anyboy know something more about this project?

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