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Is It So Wrong, The Beautiful Game My God

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posted on Apr, 10 2007 @ 08:19 PM
I love futbol (soccer) with so much passion, I play my heart out whether its a scrimmage or game, I LOVE THE GAME, ITS THE ONLY SPORT THAT IVE PLAYED. Something happened today at the scrimmage. I disagree alot with the coaches son, Ike, who is a moron beyond all belief, he has no idea about set plays,ect. Nor does his father, Ive actually educated the coach on things. So during pregame warmup, Ike takes a shot at me, im challenging him 1 on 1 on the right wing, and he steps on my toe with his cleets. I know how to play dirty, and trust me, it was dirty, i stopped, and he looked back while he kept running with a smirk (yay for teammates). I keep my calm, with a stubbed freaking foot. In the game, second half were winning 3-0 against the other county. I scored one goal on a drive later in the game, making it 2-0, actually I thought it was pretty good, from my point of view it curved hard to the left so I thought i had blew it, but it barely caught the net. I was so pumped after that. But thats when it happened.

I was challenging my mark, on the wing, he kept pushing so i was following him. I was kinda using my hands a little, trying to get in front of him, YOU CAN DO THIS YOU KNOW. He loses control and sends it out of bounds. They set me up for the throw in. I threw it in, but he screams from the goal, "ILLEGAL THROW". His father said "we didnt see anything, just play." HE SON CRIES FOULS ON ME ~_~ nice teamwork. One of the last drives from the opposition at the end of the game sent the ball close to the net. I had ran back, when he caught it. He says to me "Josh, you need to %$#%^&* run faster, your not running fast enough." HE IS IN THE GOAL, HE SITS AND DOES NOTHING BUT TALK TRASH WHILE I AND EVERYONE ELSE WORKS THEIR #@@ OFF. I was tired, hot, my toe was throbbing, I could barely walk, but could still run, I turn around and say "$#@% $, do your job, ill do mine". One of the opposition heard that. She screamed "OMG HE SAID A BAD WORD, THATS A RED CARD, WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE." I started blurting stuff in Russian, the ref told me to shutup, or i get carded. I was lucky to not have been kicked off. But back to the problem. THE KID HAS NEVER GIVEN ME A COMPLIMENT. I HAVE LOVED THIS GAME FOR 10 YEARS, THE COACH(s) HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO COACH A TEAM. I play with too much passion sometimes, Im shy, pessimistic, and I take things too seriously sometimes. BUT COME ON, I SAID A BAD WORD, LIKE NO1 HAS EVER HEARD THAT BEFORE JESUS. So, im worrying and waiting for tomorrow and thursday, the next practice, too see whether im cut from the team, or what the kiddies think at school.

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