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736 UFO sightings in Canada last year

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posted on Apr, 10 2007 @ 01:57 PM
This story has to lend some credibility to the fact that UFO's are real. What they really are and where they come from is the real mystery, what do you think?

posted on Apr, 10 2007 @ 02:41 PM
It's claimed the occupants of UFOs are superior to us as evidenced, supposedly, by the fact they are able to visit, appear and disappear at will.
This is in contrast to our inability (as far as most of us are aware) to visit them, appear to them and disappear at will.

As well, there are numerous claims of being abducted by 'aliens' and subjected to various invasive procedures and/or receiving advice regarding the future of Earth and its inhabitants, etc.

Ok. If we assume even a small percentage of such claims are genuine, what does it tell us about 'aliens' who reportedly come to Earth and/or survey Earth from the vantage of UFOs?

From their stealth and the fact they abduct and perform 'medical' procedures on those they've abducted, it's clear these 'aliens' are less than ethical: they do not seek permission to abduct or conduct invasive and often painful procedures on those they've kidnapped. Also, their behaviour demonstrates they are uncaring about the trauma and pain they inflict on their victims. Nice guys?

*IF* they are 'superior', as appears to be generally believed, then their superiority must be confined to their technology, because what are they doing, other than continually observe the suffering and trauma being experienced on this planet by a large percentage of its occupants -- a situation that's been ongoing on Earth from the outset.

So what *ARE* they doing here? Why do they come?

They've observed innumerable bloody battles, revolutions, plagues, natural disasters, world wars, Hiroshima, rampaging murderers slashing entire villages to pieces, destruction, bio-warfare, etc. etc.

Yet they watch. According to widely dispersed reports, they bore the sexual and reproductive organs from helpless cattle in the fields and snatch people from their beds and subject them to mental and physical ordeals whilst at the same time bringing forth hybrid creatures claimed to be the results of these procedures. And they occasionally treat their captives to a 'show and tell' presentation of a destroyed Earth. Sometimes they 'advise' privileged groups and individuals re: Earth's fate, according to those who claim to 'channel' alien wisdom.

All the above, of course, may be total nonsense reported by those who are being deliberately used by paranormal entities and/or government pysychos.

But other than watch and zoom around, what do 'aliens' actually DO for 'earthlings' ?

Not much.

Yet there are those who appear to believe that aliens are good-guys --- a combination of Santa Claus, Jesus and Superman.

People seem to believe that the 'aliens' will *SAVE* us !

Really? What have they done to give that impression?

The reality is, if the 'aliens' exist, then they seem to regard us as entertainment. Or maybe we excite their inherent bloodlust.

Maybe Earth is just some dump on the outskirts of the cosmos that Budget Alien Tours drags its duped customers to -- in the way debased earth-based tour operators conduct pedophile and sex and dog and chicken fight tours in the third-world, specifically for the conscience-challenged.

' Come see Earth, where the action and blood-shed never stops! See children being dismembered! See families blown to pieces! Watch children starve and die from thirst! Roll up, roll up! Grab your tickets now before they're snapped up! Special offer: pay now and receive the bonus gift of your own captured Earthling --- yours to play with! Limited offer! Prices start at .... '

' Oh, but the aliens are NOT ALLOWED to interfere in what we (earthlings) do ! They'd LOVE to help, but they're prevented from doing so by Interstellar Edict which prevents advanced beings from intervening in lesser entities' personal choice. THAT's why they don't/can't help us! ' is the cry from the alien-lovers.


Personally, I suspect that the enormous emphasis on 'aliens' and 'UFOs' in forums and even MS news to be a case of: ' If you repeat something over and over again -- no matter how ludicrous -- it will eventually be accepted by the sheeples as 'truth'.

This, aligned with the encouraged denial amongst the sheeples regarding personal responsibility, appears to have resulted in the hope and belief that the 'aliens' are good-guys who are going to 'help us'.

I wouldn't hold my breath whilst waiting for that.

posted on Apr, 10 2007 @ 02:44 PM
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