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While Canada remembers our victory at Vimy we mourn 6 lost sons

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posted on Apr, 9 2007 @ 10:27 PM
While today commerates that victory so long ago, 9 decades of the past which all but a very few remain to tell us about what happened on those fateful days, as a country we mourn for the loss of 6 young men and mourn for their loved ones.
It was said at it's commencment that forever a peice of a Canada shall remain in France. We will not lose our heritage and we will remember. Our young nation all but fodder in the eyes of the Brittish proves it's self time and time again on the field of battle.
It was the war to end all wars. A war to make man never forget the price, the ulitmate sacrifce not just of life, blood, friends and love; but of the true cost of war. Freedom and justice. In a pace not seen since the blitz through Europe have we as a people witness these values be taken from us so swiftly so sliently and yet with such devistation.

It is here, that I ask all people to remember this countires fallen sons today. Their death so swift on Easter Sunday and so much a reminder of the sacrafice of our fathers.

I ask all of you take a moment to read this article and to remove the policital over tones which you may see. Look not to the flag for which those young men faught for, the coulour of their uniform. I ask that you look deeper, with in yourself to remember.

In memory,

Pte. David R. Greenslade

Cpl. Brent Poland

Cpl. Christopher P. Stannix

Cpl. Aaron E. Williams

Pte. Kevin V. Kennedy

Sgt. Donald Lucas

In Memory

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