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Huge turnout for anti-US rally

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posted on Apr, 9 2007 @ 06:07 AM
Looks like there is nothing under control in Iraq anymore. I post this article, because the anti-US rallies are forming more and more people in Iraq, "over 1 Million people were expected" says the Guardian.

It's getting worse in Iraq - maybe it's about time to "let them be" and get our boys back to where they belong - our country's (yes, Bulgaria has troops there too)

Hundreds of thousands of supporters of the radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr took to the streets of two Shia holy cities in Iraq today and protested against "US occupiers".

The rally was called by Mr Sadr, who said in a statement yesterday that his militia followers should redouble efforts to drive US forces out of Iraq, describing them as "your arch-enemy".

Today, clad in Iraqi flags, demonstrators marched from the city of Kufa to neighbouring Najaf, which is 100 miles south of Baghdad, shouting "we obey your call" and other slogans against the US "occupiers".

BBC News reported that up to 1 million Shias were expected to take to the streets in Najaf.

Read Full Article (The Guardian)

Same story on MSNBC

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