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Flight 93 Eyewitness Testimony

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posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 07:49 PM
A guy says that the aircraft passed overhead at 50ft (wingspan of a 757 is 140ft), watched it roll left/right before nose-diving into the ground 300 yards away.

How does that add up to an aircraft that rolled inverted and crashed vertically at 530 MPH? He'd have to pull up drastically to get enough altitude to pull it back over again, yet the eye-witness doesn't mention this??? It is the lack of detail here that is interesting.

If it crashed from 50ft, then there would be no crater, but a massive and very obvious debris field.

"The fate of United Airlines Flight 93, the last of the four hijacked planes to go down in the United States on 11 September, holds no mystery for Lee Purbaugh. He saw what happened with his own eyes. He was the only person present in the field where, at 10.06am, the aircraft hit the ground.

"There was an incredibly loud rumbling sound and there it was, right there, right above my head – maybe 50ft up," says Purbaugh, who works at a scrapyard overlooking the crash site. "It was only a split second but it looked like it was moving in slow motion, like it took forever. I saw it rock from side to side then, suddenly, it dipped and dived, nose first, with a huge explosion, into the ground. I knew immediately that no one could possibly have survived."

Purbaugh, who served three years in the US Navy..." - (10/24/02)

Killtown asks:

Did Flight 93 land safely on 9/11 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport?


Assume that Flight 93 did land at Cleveland. What is there to stop another aircraft leaving Cleaveland to pick up Flight 93s (hijacked) flight plan?

Wasn't it NASA that used remote controlled aircraft for fuel tests? Convenient then that next to/on this airport, there just happens to be a research facility.

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