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"CIA tortured me", says Iran envoy

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posted on Apr, 7 2007 @ 12:46 PM

An Iranian diplomat freed last week after being abducted in Iraq in February has said he was tortured by his captors, including CIA agents.

"I was kidnapped on a Baghdad street while shopping by officials who had Iraqi defence ministry ID cards and were riding in American forces vehicles," he said.

"The CIA officials' questions focused mainly on Iran's presence and influence in Iraq," he said.

Mr Sharafi told the Irna state news agency he was subjected to torture "day and night".

"When faced with my responses on Iran's official ties with the Iraqi government they increased the torture."

Iran's Fars news agency said: "He showed reporters the marks left by torture on his body that are now being treated by doctors."

And of course, the Multi-National forces deny any involvement at all in the incident.

You know, people create such an uproar about british sailors being held for 13 days, when the worst that happened to them is they were blindfolded and isolated and maybe roughed up a lil bit, definately not bad though as there were no bruises or anything.

But, when the our side goes and kidnaps an Iranian official, tortures and beats him "day and night", for 2 months, leaving injuries requiring medical attention, just to get some answers about iranian involvement, all while denying the whole body says anything about that. Where is the uproar about that? Wheres the condemnation?

The hypocrisy of all of this is really sick. There seems to be a double standard in the West, particularly in America, that "well if others do bad, its bad; but if we do bad, its not bad."

I mean Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General. wrote memos saying how its ok to torture peoples children to get answers from them. He wrote its ok to quote "crush childrens testicles" to get suspected insurgents to talk. Then, he goes in front of the cameras and denies it, and says its wrong.

Its like with this whole scandal that is breaking out with the fired US attorneys who wouldnt make political prosecutions....he said he wasnt involved at all then it comes out he was running the whole thing, and he said something like "well what I meant to say was I didnt know I knew it, but I thought I knew I didnt know" on with the backpeddling, trying to play the ignorance card, its discusting.

Oh the Multi-National forces didnt know about this kidnapping, and oh for sure we didnt have anything to do with it...turns out they were behind the whole thing. Oh we didnt mean to torture suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, literally goat herders they picked up off the front lines....even though memos show the orders were given from the very top. Oh we didnt know about the melamine in the pet food, or the rat poison in the cigarettes...even though its now come out they did it on purpose to jack up prices. Its discusting.

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posted on Apr, 7 2007 @ 12:59 PM
Thanks for the post. However, there is an existing thread on this topic.

Released Iranian diplomat Says CIA In Iraq Tortured Him

Please add to the ongoing discussion.

Thank you.



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