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I used to not believe in conspiracy theories.

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posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 08:17 AM
I used to not believe that conspiracy theories were real then I realized how there were other conspiracies than the normal ones and I like to think outside of the box. I say that because there are all these really stupid conspiracies that have been floating around since the Cold War and some of them are true and others of them aren't, like for instance, I think that having landed on mars proved that we DID land on the moon, and even though there is lots of superstition about that we didn't land on the moon, I have to disagree and say that we did because if we didn't we would not have all of the technology that we got that came from the space race.

I was one of those people lucky enough to get exposure from NASA by actually going to one of the Nasa buildings when I was younger and I saw their engineering building because I was a skeptic myself and I saw that they did indeed have the technology to build space age equipment. None of it is fake.

But, the possibility of someone to have fathomed that people have space age technology for someone who has never been to NASA buildings for them to think that we have is nearly impossible.

I used to believe that was the only conspiracy out there and then I realized all of the conspiracies that there are that you can find about religion. This nostradamous guy predicted the future, but he did make an error, he said that the death of a senator would breed chaos and a civil war in our country.

Also, while I don't believe in some conspiracies like the shadow government ones and the ones about the police state, I think that they are going toward a new world order in a different way. They want to fool everyone into thinking it doesn't exist but other than that since they have been "found out" they are trying to rename it and retool it so that people will like it since people are, very negative about it.

There have always been conspiracies in politics, let's look at the death of Caesar. All of the conspirators gathered in what seemed to be a senate meeting but little did Caesar know that they were meeting in his capitol to plan his eminent death only to have Octavious Augustus rise up to the throne.

So what I am saying is, that I used to think the only conspiracies there were was crazy, and now that I realized how dumb that was, I believe in more comprehensible conspiracies that have been proven with facts through the course of history that haven't sent people disinformation.

I'm a skeptic, but I believe in some.

What are your thoughts on some conspiracy theories that sound really ridiculous to you?

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 08:24 AM
After finding ATS and seeing how things I once thought were absolutley crazy have some good facts to support it, I give any conspiracy a chance now if there are good facts to back it up.

Once I knew someone who thought 9/11 conspiracies where a bunch of
, but then he was shown videos, documents and other evidence supporting the conspiracies and he thinks differently now.

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 01:35 PM
i think its dumb that conspiracy about we didnt went to moon. i belive we did but i can allso belive that the ppl who were living then couldnt belive we went to moon cuz the technology they had was pretty young then.

the police state conspiracy is true u can easily c that. police are tapping your phones and all that # police brutality happens daily and cops can do allot of illegal things and not get caught cuz they are the law they are the once throwin u to jail

i do belive the government is evil because they got everything they control everything and still they just want more and more theres going to be positive things with the new world order but u wont have any privacy or anything like that and they r taking away our freedom. in london street lights they have allready put up x-ray cameras so they can c thru ya close they say they want to protect u from terrorists thats why they put up x-ray cameras but they just wanna know what your doing and take away your privacy they wanna control u to a 100%

sorry 4 my miss spellings

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 10:29 PM

Originally posted by enjoies05
After finding ATS and seeing how things I once thought were absolutley crazy have some good facts to support it, I give any conspiracy a chance now if there are good facts to back it up.

Same here, I only really started getting interested in all of these alternative subjects about 4 months ago, and at that time, I would have said all of this is garbage that people make up with overactive imaginations. But having actually spent time watching and reading information put out it is extremely hard to think that way.

I think if more people did in fact take a little bit of time to actually view a good quality movie or read a good book their minds would be changed also. so difficult getting people there though

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