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steel melts,and even BURNS!

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posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 04:38 AM
yes, that's right. steel will burn.

however, the temperatures to burn steel are insanely high.

steel melts, yeah. but, not at the towers. (according to official propaganda, NOW, yet not right after 911)

however, immediately after 911, 'experts' from official propaganda channels (FEMA, etc.) were all claiming it was MELTED steel that caused the collapse.

and then came the TRUTH BRIGADE(yay, team), with the FACT that those fires were NOT HOT ENOUGH.

and, then comes the mainstream propaganda argument, that the steel was WEAKENED by the heat, and that steel loses half it's strength at 700°C. what 'they' fail to mention, is that although steel becomes weakened, it also becomes more PLASTIC(plastic the state between liquid and solid, not plastic the stuff you put in recycling bins), and will change shape WITHOUT BREAKING!


WHY!!!??!?!?! didn't the 'EXPERTS' KNOW right away that those fires were not hot enough to MELT steel, which is something that NEVER HAPPENS in office fires, or hydrocarbon open air fires? they're frickin' 'EXPERTS', and should know INSTANTLY that the fire didn't MELT the steel. so, why would they come out and say such a RADICAL THING, when it was HIGHLY UNLIKELY!?!?!

so, why did it take a bunch of regular joes to figure out that the fires weren't hot enough? why did the 'EXPERTS' screw up so bad?

and WHY, do 'they' insist that once the steel was weakened by fire, making it more malleable and plastic, it ALL SNAPPED INSTANTLY!?

not a smoking gun, but something to think about.

the 'official story' has gone through a lot of convolutions. it has taken 5 1/2 years for them to even consider the BIGGEST MYSTERY OF ALL! that being, 'why did tower seven(wtc7) go instantly into freefall?'

and, now, once they have tacked together their first RATIONALISATION, a horde of know-it-all 'debunkers' will regurgitate it verbatim painted up as a self-evident FACT until your temples pound in frustration over their lack of HORSE SENSE.


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