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UK Teachers allowed to use 'reasonable force'...

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 08:16 PM

Teachers Allowed to Use 'Reasonable Force'

The legal powers, which came into effect in England and Wales on Sunday, have, for the first time, given schools the statutory power to discipline pupils for inappropriate behaviour or disregarding instructions.

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Remembered hearing it on the radio the other day and since no else seems to have posted it I thought I would do the honours.

On topic: About time too! Some students today think they can get away with anything because they know that if a teacher touches them they can go cry lawsuit. I remember at the end of year 10 (not sure what grade that is) a guy in my biology class threatened a teacher with physical violence and went and smashed in his car because he had been told to quiet down - when told to leave the room he just started smashing things in the room and the teacher was powerless to do anything, we just had to put up with his tantrum for the whole lesson. I know that's quite an extreme case, but I know there are even more extreme cases going on in the UK everyday and it's about time it stopped.

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