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VeinViewer Now In Use In First Hospital

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:53 PM

The VeinViewer is now in use throughout the Memphis-based Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare system.

VeinViewer uses an infra-red camera to highlight blood and then projects the image onto the skin.
This way, nurses and physicians can find veins easily and avoid that unpleasant multiple needle stick problem.

"There are no risks or side-effects involved - only benefits," explained Dr. Saltzman.
"It's non-invasive, no heat is involved and there is no direct patient contact. Kids like it because they think it's cool.
Parents like it because they know the procedure is not psychologically or physically stressful.
Healthcare professionals like it because it provides an accurate target in real-time fashion."


This is a true example of technology being put into a use that will be
a big boon for everyone.

Personally I've never had this problem, asd I rarely ever get shots
or blood drawn, but still for the few times I do, it would be nice to
have this available, so I don't have to become a pincushion.

Comments, Opinions?


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