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New Generation

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posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 09:58 PM
My daughter just told me tonight that she really has nothing to look forward to because of Dec. 12 2012. We were driving home at the time and it kinda took me by surprise.

What do you tell a 13 year old when they say that?

I did tell her that there were several theories on the subject, and that she should investigate it if she was really concerned.

My concern is, if a 13 yr old is worried about this, how many kids are thinking that there isn't anything to lose because of a world ending/changing event?

How many new crimes are going to happen with our children because of this idea that with the end of the world, in about 5 years,there will be no consequenses?

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 11:17 PM
I think that you as a parent, should help her investigate it, don't let her do it herself. The internet is a big place and she can get lost. There is a lot of people who wish to dis-inform the general public, and there is a lot of them that would like to make money off those people. Just explain to her that it is not the end of the world but that it really only has significance because an ancient civilization's calendar, when translated/interpreted ends on that day, sort of. Yes there are many theories as to what that means, but common sense, and parental guidance will help you daughter understand the world. My advice is to not sugar coat it because their friends wont. Oh one thing, I don't think this would cause any more crime, Y2k did not, and it was the end of the world then!

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 02:53 AM
y2k wasn't anywhere as huge as this. not only the myans but also other religions show of something happening. The end of the world isn't the only hypothesis out their about whats to happen. But however if this is the message people are getting. I belive crime rates are going to increase. as flingster said if theirs no consequences or its thought that their isnt. Its like having no laws, rules. so i think the whole "it doesnt matter because the worlds going to end" attitude is more dangerous then the chance of something bad actually happening

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:31 AM
Of course if enough people do believe and start behaving criminally because they believe there will be no consequences for them, we could just see a meltdown of society with gangs running rampant and everybody looting.

personally i think this is fairly unlikely as their has always been somebody foretelling the end of the world and it hasn't happened yet - although obviously will at some stage even if that is in 4 billion years when our sun goes supernova.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:23 AM
Souls is correct. If she has questions, you should help her find the answers. You could read discussions in this forum starting with the 2012 thread index and broaden your search to other sites as well. Personally I'd do a lot of research on my own so you won't be clueless on the topic. For starters this thread, Mayan Calendar Research, is more of a historical account of the 2012 theory.

Beyond that you'll run in to lots and lots of spooky-wooky predictions that seek to tie themselves to this date. Most of it, in my opinion is more in the lines of a sci-fi novel than fact and when you get down to the bottom of the barrel in all these divergent topics you'll find that while everyone is looking towards this date, no one really knows for sure if it means anything at all. Maybe it was just an expiration date for the Mayan's calendar.

We do the same thing today without thinking about it. The Y2K event was nothing more than a bad assumption that computer scientist made. They felt that no one would be using their programs by the year 2000 so it was safe to assume that a 2 digit year was okay. Likewise in 2036 we'll run into another date problem when the number of seconds since 1970 exceeds the capacity of the 32 bit system most computers are programmed to understand when relating to time. This doesn't mean that the world will end, but that we'll have to come up with a fix by that time. Of course this is already solved for newer systems.

Perhaps the Mayans got tired of calculating dates at some point and said, "That's good enough for now". Who knows. Read more about it and find out.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:27 AM

Originally posted by Flingster
My daughter just told me tonight that she really has nothing to look forward to because of Dec. 12 2012.

My concern is, if a 13 yr old is worried about this, how many kids are thinking that there isn't anything to lose because of a world ending/changing event?

How many new crimes are going to happen...

if the 2012 hype is the sole reason for the negativity
somethings she's focusing or Dwelling on a single
(i'd say superstitious) element in her world view.

maybe there's also the news & information being bombarded on her & her peers
-> that the middle-east will lead to a near future armageddon,
-> that the social security is bankrupt & her generation will not have that safety net,
-> that every thing & operation in our food-supply chain is getting contaminated and killing people and pets, with a different product every month!
-> that nations of non-christians are teaming up to destroy America,
or whats left after the fat cat elites rake in their fortunes at taxpayer expense...and excape prosecution because of their connections.

-> and a long laundry list of other 'That the...'

boomers had a SE Asian war, the 1st ICBMs & long range nuclear bombs,
the 'Eve of Destruction' mindset was prevasive, abortion was popularized, the 'Age of Aquarius' was dawning in the idealistis but the riots, gangs, drugs, counter-culture, tended to throw water on that excapism....

every generation reaches a stage of disillusionment, when the narrow word they view becomes a harsh, bitter, dead-end scenario...
but that's what high school then college is learn that the world is a much larger arena than one supposed,
and it would be of benefit to oneself to break out of [.........]
(use whatever metaphor the moment calls for)

well, thats my try at pointing out to a teen that these 'apocalypses' recurr
all thru time, 2012 just seems 'more real' to you because you'll only be starting in early adulthood in 2012, and seem to have the most to lose than the others that are younger or older than your generation.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:31 AM
Now that she knows about 2012, you can't expect her to ever forget about it, especially seeing as the signs of change are already beginning to appear. You must reassure her that what happens in the next few years is largely out of her control, and that really she has nothing to be afraid of. If something bad happens, there is no need to fear it, because existence is infinite.

How did she come to know about 2012?

Also, as 'souls' said, help her, and research it together. For a good base foundation of 2012, i highly recommend this book; Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy - A Complete Guide to End-of-time Predictions

That book contains many theories, aswell as other avenues of interest which fit into the bigger picture, such as Terence McKenna, Consciousness, Hutchinson effect etc...yes, i am implying that consciousness and electricity/oscillation have alot in common

I might be wrong here, but a 13yr old won't necessarily have the best understanding of what consciousness is, and altered states of mind. You could teach her meditation and/or astral projection to help advance her perceptions of reality, as mind altering techniques using drugs are obviously not right for a child of such age.

As for yourself, you should be proud your daughter has taken interest in 2012. Many people today still have no idea what is happening!

posted on Apr, 9 2007 @ 07:24 PM
Thanks for the replies.
I am no expert on the Mayan calender. Everything I've learned on it derives from the history channel. From what I gather there will be a change on Dec. 12 2012 not necessarily good or bad, but a change. It kind of reminds me of the Dark Tower series written by Stephen King when Roland explains that the world has "moved on".

My sister once told me that she felt that she would see the end of the world in her lifetime and she is a devout catholic. I also get that same feeling from other people by looking at their actions.
By that, I mean I watch my neighbors and the news. People are spending money like there's no tomorrow and commiting crimes that make absolutely no sense.

With all the chaos in the world there has to be a breaking point. I know that some have said that because of the media we are just more aware of the strife. I believe that there is just more chaos and it has to come to a head someday. Is it 2012 or tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine.

I guess I should be grateful my daughter is using her head instead of doing drugs or sneaking around with boys or something.

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