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The time travelers delima (ATSSC)

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posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 06:24 PM
(story begins)

I have been having a great day and I have been having troubling thoughts about time travel that make it clear that there is only one way to travel through time and it can't be by linear time travel.

That's because what happens happens. I have been pondering this with a few of my friends Jade and Claymore. Those are their knick-names. One girl I know actually likes to call herself Jade and the other likes to call himself Claymore and I don't want you to ask why but they are good at philosophy. I really like the ideas that I get from them and they tell me thought provoking thoughts that fester in the deep parts of my brain waiting to be said again.

I have made a few mistakes with my discoveries and I have found a hypothesis. I originally thought that time machines in order to work would have to rotate around the entire multiverse to work so that they could establish a new Multiverse around this multiverse that we happen to inhibit.

Perhaps we could see the past and see the future by going into different pasts and different futures. Maybe we could see what life would be like if we looked at the people who we see in life as we pass them by and what if we actually meet them. That's the thing, you don't really know anyone. All you do is talk to them until you think that you know them enough and then they turn their backs on you and either leave or they go away.

Someone knocked on my door, I have to get it *hurries*

That's it. That's the fourth person who knocked on my door this week so it must be someone important. "Hello Alex, it's Jade, may I come in? I hope that I am not disturbing you in your studies." "Oh no that is not a problem, that's not a problem at all, actually, I am doing very great, and I am a little busy currently but sure, yes, you can come in!"

"Hello so Alex so what are you working on?" "I am nearly finished my theory on what time traveling should be and what time should be like when you go back in time. When I figure out what to do I should be ready to copyright it through the law offices and tell the press what I have discovered. I finally figured it out. I figured out how to travel back in time without you getting younger."

"How does that work Alex?" "What it does Jade, is that when you go back in time the time machine concept that I am working on has a code which will eliminate the version of you in this timeline in the reality that you're going back from. What I am planning on doing is to take you back in time so that you could be somewhere else than when you were at the time that you traveled back to so you could be like a different person than when you were younger."

"However, there are some consequences. You could never exist, and there is a high percentage, that you may never exist in that reality, and that your other you, may see you, and freak out, or that you may end up going back to the other reality and come back in a different timeline."

"really? So what? I want to travel back in time!" "I won't let you do that, I won't let you do that yet. It's too risky and I can't get it published and I cannot get my copyright patented right away because I need to work on it some more."

*random person appears in a puff of smoke*

"Jade and Alex, you must work on the time machine together... for I advise you to beware... beware of April, for hath you not complete your time machine by then, your friends Jade and Claymore will suffer parallel damage from an alternate universe."

(I will continue tomorrow)

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 08:44 AM
(random person disappears in a flash of smoke)

"Hell so Jade, so I see that you do have advanced prior knowledge of how to make a time machine since I saw that was your future self. Do you have any regards about how you would go about stealing my invention?"

"No Alex, I do not know why you would think that I would steal your invention. Perhaps that is me in another time that is telling you to stop and telling you to stop your invention before someone evil follows you and steals it."

Well both of them are right in this case... they don't know who that person is, for all that person who appeared could be someone really evil and could want to steal his invention for his own use to trick him into not inventing it so he could steal the invention!

"Okay Jade what do you propose we do? I want to get this switch that goes with 235X4A to the main controlling cockpit piece put together. Then we'll have a working time machine!"

"Okay Alex, what do you suppose that we do about that? I want to get it to go back to world war one in." "Yes, we may be able to go back to world war one, but we would have to effect a different timeline who won anways so that we wouldn't be effecting our timeline." "That's good, I heard that the Germans in World War One actually wanted control over Europe. They didn't want to use any one race as a scapegoat back then." "That's true and we will spread the word in that timeline that the Germanic empire that they are witnessing then isn't bad but the one that they are going to see next, is terrible. Let's see what warning them changes in that reality, jade."

The two of them go on, working on the invention putting together the two missing parts to the time machine and the time machine works. However they realize something, they don't see claymore. "Alex where is Claymore?" "We have to rescue Claymore. He got sucked into the past by someone from the future maybe you maybe me or maybe one of our alternate selves and we have to get him back before it's too late and before he becomes one of 'them'." "What do you mean one of them?" "I mean, that if he goes back in time too long he'll become one of the pedestrians in that time zone and he'll become an entirely different person..." "What does that mean?" "HE WILL NEVER BE BORN IF HE DOES THAT AND NEITHER WILL WE!"

"Jade, his time coordinates is in the universe XAYB, which is one similar to ours, but with four constant variables making it different than ours. He is in the year 1916." "You mean he is in the great war?" "He may be a soldier, and he may be somewhere else. All we know is that he's in a bad year and we have to get him out before the fighting gets too hectic." "This time machine should work, as I installed a button that will take us back to a place which has a time machine repair shop."

Both of them: O_O

(this story will be continued later)

Comment, now, if you would like to).

posted on Apr, 7 2007 @ 04:54 PM
"What if they have experimental nukes of the result of us going back in time Alex?" "IF they have nukes, Jade I say we nuke Iran and North Korea."

The two of them go in the time machine, without having gone to a board of inventors. They both realize that they don't want to go to a board of inventors because of they are scared about what may happen if someone from the future may come back in time and stop them. They also are afraid of what may happen to Claymore if they wait longer, they may take too long and he may be killed.

Jade and Claymore go back in Germany to World War one. "Alex, are you okay?" "Yes, I had a freak accident, go on without me." "No you're going to be okay I brought a time-traveler's first aid kit. Here put on your anti-time warping suit." "It should prevent you from getting warped to a different timeline, I remembered to put mine on."

Alex puts his suit on remembering that he has to do it in order to protect himself from getting sent into the future or the past. The suit goes on where his shirt would be, not where his pants would be. He can wear his pants on but not his shirt.

Alex and Jade talk for a minute or so. "Hey so where is Claymore, Alex?" "He's in the Capital building of Berlin, Germany. We have to avoid the Ally warplanes and we have to get inside the capital, and oh wait, I have this box that has a button, and when you press it, the time-machine, gets sucked into the box, and you can press it to get the time machine outside of the box too. "

"Why?" "So that it won't break by some freak accident."

(continued later)

posted on Apr, 14 2007 @ 05:23 PM
THe two of them go back in time. They see a screen in the middle of the time machine showing what date the that they are going back to. They reach the date 1916, and they are sent to a German battle field. They end up going to an allied headquarters and they receive training and they receive a gun and ammunition.

The training:

"Hello, what is your name."
"Alex, and Jade"- Jade
"Today you will be brefed on how people use weapons and ammunition, I don't have the time to say what's going on out there, because as you may have guessed, there is a war going on there."

"Right. What should I do here Jade, we came from the future. They may not like our clothing, what do we do about if we get crew cuts?"
"I don't know Jade, but from what little I know about world war one history we may end up having to give the military secrets of our time if we want to get Claymore back." "EXCUSE ME, Jade, and Alex, what did you say you were here for?"

"One of our friends is lost in the field of battle, that's why we are here, and we are here to rescue him." "okay, and so you say that you are from your future? Tell me what happens of the future. They say that this is the war to end all of the wars. Do you think that it will ever end the wars? I don't think that this will end all wars, when you think about it, people take pride in conquering other nations, they will fight and die for us, so tell me, once you rescue your friend, will you abandon us, go to the future, and forget about us for the rest of your life?"

Alex: "No, I did not feel as though that I would forget what happened in here. What happens here stays in this timeline, just because this is a different time line doesn't mean that we cannot access it again. I have identified what time zone this is in and I can access it through any timeline that I am in. The way my time machine works is that it calculates what frequency all of the objects in the Universe are, and based on the Matrix theory, we have made it clear that we can go back to our Universe."
The Instructer: "Okay, but if you don't get back to the future with your time machine, we can help you get back there. We have a much simpler time machine that can travel through time. We figure that this technology will never be convenient to the public so we keep the technology hidden from them, so we made it on our own, and we can travel to make changes to the past if something bad happens."

(will be continued later)

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