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The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt

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posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 02:10 PM

He was the ultimate keeper of secrets, lurking in the shadows of American history. He toppled banana republics, planned the Bay of Pigs invasion and led the Watergate break-in. Now he would reveal what he'd always kept hidden: who killed JFK

To me...jeez, most everybody else of a certain age, the assassination of JFK was the first loss of innocence as far as government cover-up goes. This story in Rolling Stone doesn't give the definitive answers, but it sure gives one a lot to consider.

What do the hard-core assassination junkies think of it?

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:22 PM
it is an item of interest,

even if it is true, i am not satisfied... its simply not proof positive, and it makes me wonder if there is any answer that would ultimately satisfy me. maybe is has not sunk in enough... but i would like to see the note he wrote and compare the handwriting, etc etc.

is there any proof that the Corsican gunners were there? they talk about the hobo picture... and i was not convinced that was Hunt or Sturgis in that photo BEFORE, and there is no reason to believe it now.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 05:53 PM
I'm not sure if we'll ever get a satisfactory answer. The Corsican hit men and the two tramps being Hunt and Sturgis...that's been part of the mythology for a while. Lately there have been photos exhumed that purport to show George Bush sr. on site as well. By the looks of things, Dallas was crawling with spooks that oddity in itself, I'd say.


posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:36 PM
Hunt certainly knew Cord Meyer well, as various histories show. Cord Meyer’s wife, Mary (Pinchot) Meyer, had an affair with JFK. Former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee writes about it in his autobiography, A Good Life.

(from Nina Burleigh’s book about murdered Mary Meyer) “Bradlee later wrote that he knew Kennedy did not like Cord and neither did he, owing to Cord Meyer’s “derisive scorn for the people’s right to know.” In the book where he mentions his and Kennedy’s dislike for Cord, he fails to mention the anecdote, widely discussed in Georgetown, about the night a drunken Cord Meyer lunged for Bradlee’s neck across a dinner table.

“Cord was aware as early as October 1961 of Kennedy’s interest in his ex-wife. Jim Angleton was paying keen attention to the young president’s personal life and he had obliquely warned his old friend, although it doesn’t appear he told Cord all he knew at the time. He later told Joan Bross, whose husband, John, was a high-ranking CIA official, that his bugging revealed that when Kennedy first called Mary, she went to the White House and found herself alone, and she asked to be taken home again. In his journal, Cord wrote that Angleton had told him Mary “baffles” Kennedy and that even with money and power, Kennedy “still yearns for a respect that eludes him from such as myself.”

Lunging at Bradlee’s neck? Mary Meyer cited Cord’s “extreme cruelty” when she divorced him in 1958. Meyer was corrupt and is famous for CIA work for Operation Mockingbird, which used journalists to do CIA-favorable propaganda. Meyer tried to get Alfred J. McCoy’s book The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia from being published. In the book, McCoy blew the lid on CIA trafficking of huge quantities of Southeast Asia heroin for decades. In other words, here we see Cord Meyer fronting for big narco mobsters and trying to prevent the public from knowing about such.

Meyer was inducted into CIA by Allen Dulles, the Du Pont family-employed head of United Fruit co., then later CIA chief. Du Pont companies are cited in the lives of numerous assassination figures, like Dulles (and Dulles protege Gen. Ed Lansdale–cited by Col. Fletcher Prouty as involved in the shooter team at Dealey Plaza and even photo’d there on Nov 22, ‘63).

Here’s the weirdest Cord Meyer fact. In October of 1964, after JFK had been hit, Cord Meyer’s ex-wife who’d been having a long-running affair with JFK, was murdered. It appears to have been a contract killing. Remember, JFK had distrusted Cord Meyer since the 1945 UN-establishing conference, and Meyer knew it.

In Oct. of 1964 Mary Meyer was walking along a canal near the Potomac in Washington D.C. and, as Ben Bradlee writes, she was grabed from behind in broad daylight, wrestled to the ground, and two bullets were pumped into her face just below the cheekbone. Bradlee had to identify her body.

Why kill Mary Meyer? Did Cord Meyer possibly brag to his then ex-wife (who accused him of extreme cruelty) that he’d gotten final justice against JFK? Meyer had many reasons to hate JFK, including Cord’s work on anti-Castro projects. Here, I can only suggest a possible scenario: One night, in a typically violent, drunken rage, Cord bragged about killing Jack, then Mary looked like she might talk. She was hit, contract style, to shut her up, perhaps the same day? Although we have no direct proof, the scenario must be considered alongside Saint’s story.

The morning after Mary was executed, as Bradlee writes, Bradlee and his wife Tony, Mary Meyer’s sister, went to Mary’s house to get her diary. They found CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton there looking for info. Angleton is widely suspected in the JFK assassination. Angleton was also caught trying to break into Mary Meyer’s art studio, behind Bradlee’s house. Bradlee found the diary and it mentioned the affair with JFK in unmistakeable terms. So, did Angleton try to stifle evidence of the affair with JFK in order to eliminate suspicions about Cord Meyer, as portrayed in E. H. Hunt’s dying days?


posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:38 PM
Lane’s book Plausible Denial features David Atlee Phillips admitting a CIA role in a fake Oswald in Mexico City scheme, which Phillips suggested was direct CIA involvement in the JFK murder. After many foreign assasinations, CIA was practised at complex hits. First off, conspirators are compartmentalized. None know it all, in order to protect the big money sponsors (Du Pont family businesses, i.e. United Fruit which employed Allen Dulles prior to his CIA leadership—see Prouty’s story about Gen. Ed Lansdale being in on the hit, Lansdale was a Dulles protege. Du Pont family contacts permeate the entire network of suspects, including Richard Helms) and high level officials. Du Ponts had many motives and it took major corporate backing to pull the hit off (and endless supply of cash), given that mere government operatives needed a larger network of support–the men who use the CIA to do their dirty business.) E. H. Hunt wouldn’t have wanted to pin JFK’s bloody shirt on himself, hence he may have kept the last details secret from Saint. (Saint, your expose is bold, well chosen. There’s a little-known irony in the Helms and Hughes ties to assassination and Watergate cases. See my article at: If I’m not mistaken, Saint John Hunt's father was on Hughes’ side in a major battle with Du Ponts over control of US aviation and satellite business, which Hughes lost when a Du Pont in-law judge ruled on the Hughes estate and Du Pont’s General Motors then took over Hughes.

In other words, Saint John Hunt's dad, like Hughes, had vengeance motives against Du Ponts, and telling him about the assassination left evidence that the JFK hit was more complicated than some might think.

LBJ certainly had motives, and as history PhD biographer Doris Kearns wrote after getting exclusive interviews during his twilight years, LBJ spoke like a madman during his last years. He was clearly delusional, and exhibited the kind of pathology that a suspect might have displayed in later years. He clearly had mob ties (Bobby Baker, mob fixer) and was egomaniacal in epic ways. He also may have had an illegitimate son.

When we look at the assassination threads we see CIA, corporate, mob, and anti-Castro types like Veciana. The CIA would use all of them, and would use them as layers of an onion, like cutouts. The more conspirators, the better. The mob would scare off many researchers of the day, given the deep mob permeation of criminal culture, pre-RICO. In all truth, the times were corrupt and JFK’s big money routine was part of the problem, in the end.

Sturgis certainly tried to throw investigators off, and there’s a further irony in his life. Sturgis isn’t his name; it’s Fiorini. Sturgis is the name of a big Philadelphia banking family, a cover Fiorini used to try to look respectable. Why? Fiorini may have been straight mob, even a mob boss’s or lieutenant’s son (he resembles both Vito Genovese and one of Genovese’s lieutenants. He was sent off to live in Phila, for some reason. Why was he sent into Cuba to mix w. Castro, then slipped into the role as Castro’s casinos overseer? He had to be a CIA, probably Lansky, mob plant, given that he quit Cuba and became a mob and narcotics-implicated operative. He had connections.

Marita Lorenz, who was Castro’s mistress at some point, later said she rode in a car from Miami to Dallas loaded with guns accompanied by E. H. Hunt, Sturgis, Gary Patrick Hemming and a man named Novo–to be part of the JFK assassination. Hunt’s role in Dallas needs more daylight (Saint says he definitely wasn’t eating in New York’s Chinatown with Dorothy that night, which was his alibi, so something is amiss).

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:40 PM
We’re looking at a complex case that’s probably very simple, in the end. We can clearly see who was in on the hit and who benefited. The motives in the Du Pont corner, and in LBJ’s case are clear for all to see. The actual killers are but pawns in a larger scheme, it appears.

To me, the only big mystery in it is why Du Ponts and Hughes clashed so fiercely for control of black budget aviation. Hughes, and his close shadow Helms, took a big hit when Hughes’ secret stash was looted by Lansky’s mob, again with direct Du Pont family participation (Du Ponts essentially gave Robert Vesco $13 million when they sold him a company called All American Aviation, and Vesco used that money to stage his looting of Investors Overseas Service, where Hughes apparently had many millions in offshore stash. The Watergate break-in appears to have been Helms-Hughes vengeance against Du Ponts (with Nixon on their little chain) for the IOS ruin of Hughes’ secret stash (see my article above). E. H. Hunt was Hughes’ ally, say various studies. All hell broke loose, including the outing of “the Bay of Pigs thing” during Watergate. Du Ponts then took over Hughes Aviation anyway. It was a major coup, but it cost Du Ponts a kind of infamy that followed with post Watergate exposes. And if LBJ was in on the JFK hit, he paid for it when he was ruined for being a screw up, if not incompetent after Tet in Vietnam. LBJ was just the tool of others who wanted to profit there; he even said that entry into Nam would be a run-on disaster with no possible win. So why did he dunder in? JFK hit implications would mean he was owned by the moneymen like Hunt, Du Pont, Hughes, and Clint Murchison the big oil man. Murchison let Vito Genovese own part of Murchison’s oil company, believe it or not. Again, we see Genovese in it. Genovese was the #1 mob boss when Lansky took over mob finances. Sturgis also worked with Genovese’s associates on “the
Bay of Pigs thing,” and Sturgis was later busted for narcotics trafficking. Most ironic.

The aviation part of the drama is ongoing, i.e. Du Ponts’ role in “the cabal” of black budget notoreity. Du Ponts’ Conoco was the first in to take a big chunk of Bush’s Iraqi oil spoils. And Bush Sr. is known as part of the Du Pont-Dulles-Bush faction of CIA, the worst of the worst, the biggest narco and crime net on Earth. See Daniel Hopsicker’s book, Welcome to Terrorland for Du Pont CIA aviation involvement in big narco doings all the way up to 9-11. Someone above refers to Bush as possibly at Dealey Plaza; he was certainly in Dallas, given that one informant says he went to a big oil JFK hit celebration party that night.

And the Federal Reserve is a possible motive, also. But the Federal Reserve motive points to its owners: Rothschild, number one, Warburg and Rockefeller. Cold, bloody operators who profit by many crimes against humanity. Among the worst of the worst.

By the way, I live in Davis, CA now and lived in Eureka for a while, years ago. It’s a good place to live a clean break. I hope Saint’s guitar takes off; there are many venues in the area. But a job on the side is good to back it up.

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by gl2

Mary Meyer's murder was about two weeks after the release of the Warren Commission Report. I have long believed she read the report, and saw through it. She was very intelligent, and she may have talked about her suspicions. She might even have confronted Cord.

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 03:58 PM
This may be completely off base but I heard a story from an ex of mine whom I was with for about 5 years. Her family had lots of "secrets" and I was constantly chided to keep everything she had ever told me very quiet and never to speak of them. She confided to me that someone in her family or a relative was involved in the JFK assignation and that it had something to do with the Mob and not what everyone else thought it was about. As I said I have no definitive proof but I've learned in my life that often the truth is far stranger than fiction. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 04:00 PM
Ok, we have Hunt knocking off JFK .. and that fits The Bush Mafia was involved.. we have papa Bush getting off a Plane from Dallas at New York JFK. maybe Hunt was with Bush Sr. flight from dallas to new york....?

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