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Time for Immigration Reform

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posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 12:03 PM
We are a county built on immigration. The issue of immigration has become a flashpoint in today’s society. I do think that it’s time that the federal government revises it’s immigration policy.

First, post 911, I don’t think that anyone should be here in the US illegally. So it’s time to address immigration and what needs to be done to address the concerns that citizens have.

So the US needs to develop a system that can meet the needs of our country. Immigration should be controlled by the department of labor. When we need more labor the quotas can be raised. When we go through an economic contraction, quotas would be lowered or eliminated. If you want to immigrate to the US, your skill, trade, or profession, would have to be listed by the department of labor as a needed skill.

For people who advocate a guest worker program, we could have a two tiered system. One tier for people who just want to work in our county and one tier for people who want to become citizens.

So, what would I like to see in an immigration reform bill?

1.) Quotas, buy job category, determined by the Labor department. If you don’t have a skill or profession that is needed, you can’t come here.

2.) Immigrants must provide health insurance and auto insurance.
a. One of the biggest complaints about illegal immigration is the closure of hospitals due to the shear numbers of patients that cannot pay.
b. These would have to paid in advance prior to coming to our country.
c. If you don’t have insurance you can’t come.
d. Employers will have to pay a wage that would allow immigrants to pay for their insurance as well as live.

3.) Employers, landlords, and social service agencies would be required to verify social security numbers or immigration status before they can hire someone, rent a house to someone, or provide benefits. Employers who hire people in this county illegally would face huge fines and jail.

4.) You would automatically be deported if convicted of a felony after serving your jail sentence and would be prohibited from entry into the US again.

5.) If you’re caught in this country illegally, there should be a huge fine to discourage immigrants from taking the illegal path. Deportation should be immediate.

6.) Social services. There should be no social services for immigrants. If you came here to work, then you need to work. If you can’t get a job, it’s time to go home. Remember that I would also require medical insurance so that wouldn’t be an issue. Historically, between 20 and 30 percent of the people who immigrated to the US couldn’t hack it and went back to their county of origin. If you can’t make it here, go back to your country. We won’t feed you, cloth you, and take care of you.

7.) If you have a child here, that child is a citizen of the US. But, see number 6 above. Having a child does not automatically qualify you for social services. If you can’t make a living here, once again, go home. Your child can apply for entry into the US when they turn 18.

8.) You cannot immigrate here to retire. Just because you’re over 65 and have no assets, you won’t qualify for SS. You should have to work in this country for a minimum of 10 years in order to be vested in the social security system.

9.) If you have a family member immigrate to the US, you are financially responsible for them.

10.) We needs to end chains of immigration where one family member comes to the US and then starts bring the entire family over. For a family member to immigrate, they would have to have a job or skill that is currently in need.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

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