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Black Elk and the Star People.

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posted on Apr, 2 2007 @ 09:44 PM
Many people have lost patience with the old native ways of examining the UFO phenomena. They want hard answers, scientific, empirical information that will enable categorization and analysis. Better yet, people want a space ship and to travel the distances between the stars as easily as many have come to believe the Star Nations People can.

It's generally postulated that the scientific inquiry that will lead to these inventions will be a melding of old and new. That new physics will encompass the mystical in ways that are now limited by our belief system.

So I would like to share some of Black Elks visions of the Star Nations People:

"So it was really something that the spirit came and told us that. So we say taku wakan. That means "something almighty" or "something powerful." When you look up,you see a huge blue robe, and there are four holes in that blue robe. So there is a huge power that wears that immense blue robe, and that is the life. Now the scientists are looking around out there for the water and the green. They are looking around for that life out there. So they send those little gadgets out there to orbit around. I don't know how many miles and hour they are going, but it takes seven, eight, or nine months to reach one of those star-people (planets). Then they fly by and take those pictures.
But in Tunkashilla (grandfather) there is no time. Everything moves in the blink of an eye. It's as fast as thought. So there is no speed there. There's no time in between. So I want to tell you why there are four holes in that blue. We have a permanent red stone man that is going around and his home is payamini pa. You call it Halley's Comet, but that's just a nickname. So I don't think that scientists understand that. Even if I stood there before them and told them the home of Halley was payamini pa, I don't think they would understand that. But that's where this stone man came from. That's his home.
Maybe I should be teaching astronomy. Those scientists, they put bears and dogs and rabbits and stuff like that up there. Like they call some of them the "Little Dipper." But we don't call them bears or rabbits or draw a man up there holding a big sword and a shield. It's not that way. We don't name them that way, because each one has a language of their own. So there are a lot of people who don't know. There's a time when you could see a woman standing there with a Chanunpa (pipe). We know when that time is. So there are many times they come and times that they go back. So they're here.
So when I went to vision quest, that disk came from above. The scientists call that a UFO--Unidentified--Flying--Object--but that's a joke, see? Because they are not trained they lost contact with the wisdom, power and gift. So they have to see everything first with their naked eye. They have to catch one first. They have to shoot it down and then see what all it is made of how it was shaped and formed. But their intention is wrong, so somebody is misleading those scientists that way.
So that disk landed on top of me. It was concave, and there was another one on top of that. It was silent, but it lit and luminesced like neon lights. Even the sacred robes there were luminesced, and those tobacco ties lying there lit up like little light bulbs. Then these little people came, but each little group spoke a different language. They could read minds, and I could read their minds. I could read them. So there was silent communication. You could read it, like when you read silent symbols in a book. So we were able to communicate.
They are human, so I welcomed them. I said, "Welcome, Welcome, Hi, UFO's." They laughed at that, because they knew I was joking with them. So when you call them UFO, it's like saying they're foreign or unknown. So they thought that was a funny joke, so they laughed, because they are human too. They liked that one. But the biggest joke is on those scientists, because they lost contact wit those star-nation-people. when they see one of those little objects, they call it a UFO. They also have scientists who are hired to cover up the truth about those UFO's. They make up false explanations, like it was just some gas coming out of a lake or like that. But this one scientist, he told the truth, so they fired him from the job. pg 90-91 from the book, "Black Elk, The Sacred Ways of a Lakota." by Wallace Black Elk and William Lyon.

Black Elk had agents from the government come to investigate his work. They were curious as to the medicine ways, and the star people. Native medicine and ritual was outlawed for many years, not only because it acts as a cultural cohesive, but because the power was feared and envied. They went looking for it. He tried to teach them, but found their minds too closed. Not hard to imagine that what they might have learnt there was later incorporated into their policy concerning misinformation and denial.

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posted on Apr, 2 2007 @ 09:47 PM
More visions to follow. What seems most important is the spiritual stance that has been lost or is regarded as weakness by an empirical science that depends on fact. A culture that denigrates the feminine and prophesies the death of souls without a prayer to the Creator on their behalf may be part of the problem.

posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 09:35 PM
I love reading about Black Elk's vision quests, and it's not hard to see the compassion that must have attracted him to Christ. He shared his concern for the poor of the world, the children and the elderly, those who are vulnerable and unable to fend for themselves. I find this one about the stone people especially good:

"When I prayed, the stone man came and said, "We sit here patiently. Tunkashilla placed us here. We are stone people. We sit here and watch and listen and know and feel everything that is around us. We sit here patiently watching. The reason these stone-people come here growling at you is because you mentioned that the elders and little ones are cold, hungry, sick, suffering and dying. That is why the stone people are growling. Some of those kids are in rags, and some are barefooted. Some are hungry. Some are sick and suffering pain and death. That is why the stone people come around you and growl. They growl at the cause of this."
So then I understood why those stone people were all growling. They were not growling at me but at the causes for all the suffering around us.
Then he said, "There are times that we roll and we walk and we also fly. But there will be a time that we are going to roll back and forth [have earthquakes]. We will tilt back and forth. Then the buildings will tumble down, and countless people will vanish. Those people on the outside [of the buildings] will see this when we show that power. When that happens, those people on the outside they will say, "Oh my God, Oh my God!" But what they are really saying is, "All my gold, All my gold.""
pg 153 from Black Elk, 'The Sacred Ways of a Lakota" by Wallace Black Elk and William S. Lyon

Aside from the ugly truth of the stone man's opinion of what 'those on the outside' are really saying: "All my gold, all my gold." What I find especially enigmatic is the statement 'There are times when we fly...'

Stone people can fly..

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 03:40 PM
In the book "Black Elk, the sacred ways of a Lakota", Black Elk recounts some of his vision quests and medicine ways. The one he had that recalls the resurrection is quite long, so I will only post a portion of it:

"When I looked at my hands, I could see right through my hands. You could see the outline, and the bones and lines were like little shadows. It was like when you take an X-ray. It was something like that. I could see through myself like I was cellophane.
Then when I looked down, I could see right through this world. I could see the stars on the other side. That really scared me. So there was another power there that made the atomic bomb look like one match stick. The people with those atomic bombs, we call them a superpower, but I call them super insane because that is going to lead us to mass murder and suicide. So we're buying it, and paying for it, all in the name of "In God We Trust". pg 144

Then he speaks with tunkashilla and the spirits from all four directions, the spirits of our ancestors. He relates it's the first time he's heard the voice of Tunkashilla. That prompts the recounting of the prophecy handed down in the Lakota tradition. The similarity to the biblical prophecy is unmistakable.

"So we know from the prophecy handed down nineteen generations what is going to happen to those spirits. They have to wait for the seven whistles. The powers of the four winds takes them to the West where there is a spirit camp. They will stay there until the seventh whistle sounds. So far, four whistles have sounded. We are in the fourth whistle now. Now those [last three] whistles will follow one right after the other. Before the fifth whistle the earth will shake, and tall buildings will tumble down. Countless people will vanish. So if the West Coast of this Turtle Island caves in, what is going to happen to all those nuclear power plants. On the sixth whistle the fire will come, and all life will cease. Then the seventh whistle. When that whistle sounds, Tunkashila will appear, and Grandmother, she's going to awaken. The whole Earth will vibrate. Thunder and lightening will echo throughout the solar system. All the star nation people will come, and there will be countless people coming from the sky. So all the dead will resurrect, and they will be here. And Grandmother, she will appear in our midst. And Grandfather will appear. It will be the first time that we are going to see the face of Tunkashilla. Those who see his face will live forever. So that will be the definition of the Earth people." pg 145

Those who see his face will live forever, probably means, those who can bear to look at him.

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