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Simon, SO, Springer, Chissler, Chris01621 & Others - please read. The Perfect ATS animated show!!!!!

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posted on Apr, 2 2007 @ 07:12 PM
So, I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'..........
So I says to myself, Self? What would be the perfect animated ATS show?
C'mon brain, do some good thinkin' here.......
The perfect ATS animated show........
Southpark - heck - we could blow that away! With my good thinkin' and some good animators..........
I hope to hear from some other good thinkers!

posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 10:13 AM
Hey dude!
The Perfect ATS animated show, huh?

First we need some Characters, then we need a setting and time(fictional or not), but the most important thing of all I think, is some very witty dialogue, which I know some people on here are very capable of.

This is a cool Idea Lombozo, if this could work, maybe the best idea yet...

For reaserch purposes and one hell of an entertaining watch, try this site.

The Homestar runner!

If you have never seen this then theres a 50/50 chance that you might be up all night, depending how you take the humour.

*(Watch some Toons then click the Email link to see Strong Bads Email)*

Have fun!!!

PS. I have seen every single episode of everything on there, Maybe I have too much time on my hands, It was about 5, hour long sittings, but I still find it hilarious!

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