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posted on Dec, 23 2003 @ 04:51 PM


By David Brownlow
December 23, 2003

Maybe the reason so many of us were fooled by the Republicans for so long, is that we were an easy mark. We really wanted to believe in them, which left us vulnerable. It may not have been a fair fight, but I am still kicking myself and frankly, a little embarrassed it took me so long to figure it out.

Without a doubt, the Republicans did a superb job of masquerading as the party of limited government. Hats off to them for that. They seemed committed to reigning in the bloated behemoth we call the federal government. They vowed to close down many of the unconstitutional agencies that are destroying our freedoms, such as the Departments of Education, Housing, Commerce, Labor, Health, the BATF and the IRS.

They promised to quit funding the U.N., the "Arts", Planned Parenthood and PBS. They told us they were going to end the elaborate income transfer schemes that have become nothing short of grand larceny on a massive scale.

They got many of us to believe the Republican Party was pro-life, dedicated to reinstating the 5th Amendment rights for the millions of American children who are being murdered in the abortion holocaust.

They had a pretty good story. And it was exciting to be part of a movement that was going to bring America back to a proper moral foundation. There was a slight problem though...

It was all a total crock!

Something happened along the way between what the Republicans said they would do and what they actually did. Maybe their leadership never really believed the message, or maybe they got tired of all the fibbing, or maybe the lure of power was just too much of a temptation.

Regardless of what went wrong, it has become painfully obvious that the Republican Party is now the undisputed party of big government. So much so, that we no longer hear anything discussed by the "conservative" leaders in Congress that even remotely resembles the concept of a Constitutional government.

To the contrary, all we hear is talk of more spending, more broken laws, more money looted from the American people, more illegal spending programs, more deficits, more undeclared wars and more control over our lives.

Not that anyone should be surprised, because the Republicans have been broadcasting their big government message with increasing fervor. While they have been turning leftward for many years, something really clicked during the 2002 elections, when they seemed determined to "out compassion" even the most leftist of Democrats.

They won the national races by fully embracing everything Constitutionalists have been fighting against. They campaigned for big government at every turn; schools, jobs, nation building ventures, prescription drugs, "fixing" the economy, "saving" social security, "hate" crimes, etc. No problem is off-limits to federal intervention - regardless of what the law says.

The Republicans have certainly delivered on their election promises, and we have the $500 billion deficits to prove it. At least they have finally stopped pretending to be the "conservative" party!

This is not just an academic debate. And this is not Republican bashing. I would be delighted to support them again if they showed even the slightest hope of getting back on track. But this is not a game. We are running out of time and we have to quit fooling around with politics.

America's slide into moral and fiscal anarchy, along with our headlong plunge into totalitarianism, is accelerating at a rate that is simply not sustainable.

Which leaves us with the daunting task of educating the American people about the perilous condition of our nation. It is a task made all the more difficult now that an evil and corrupt one-party system has taken near total control of our country.

The fact is, our federal government has more in common with a vast criminal enterprise than it does anything like a legitimate government. Which puts the very survival of our Republic in serious jeopardy. So this is a battle we dare not back away from, no matter how bad the odds may look.

That may seem like a depressing and harsh assessment of our government, but there is really no other way to describe a government that has presided over the murder of 44,000,000 American children and has turned those of us left alive into virtual slaves.

If you don't believe you are a slave, stop giving the 4 to 6 months of indentured labor required of you- just to pay your taxes - and see what happens.

Oh sure, we can keep the fancy houses, cars and jobs. We can download our porno, do our sodomy, drink our beer, or waste away our lives in front of mindless sitcoms - as long as we play by their rules. But try to exact any real change in the system, or try to save the life of even one baby that has been marked for slaughter, and (trust me) you will be pounded into the ground!

The system has been rotting from the inside out for so many years now, all that remains of the U.S. government is a thin veneer of legitimacy. Once the cracks finish breaking through, it will not take long for the whole charade to come crashing down!

This is not the way it was supposed to work
Our founders designed a system with a very small federal government that was to be restricted with a clearly defined and very limited role. The states were given a larger share of the actual legislative duties. But what is truly unique about the design of our government is that, unlike any other form of government ever devised by man, most of the real government exists with individuals, working within their own families, communities and churches. It was a truly brilliant design.

We have turned that model completely upside down, and have given the federal government near total power to perform the duties that were specifically and exclusively reserved for the people and the states. The evidence is in. The experiment has failed - miserably!

The solution to this problem is really not all that complicated. The way we begin the transfer of power back to the states and the people, is to elect leaders who believe in the Constitution and will do what it says. Those who refuse to obey the law need to be kicked out of office. And that, my friend, is up to you and I. Nobody can force us to continue voting the same lawbreakers back into office year after year.

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Ooh so sad the Christians are upset with dubya also. All thou I donít agree with some of the things he talks about like Abortion heís right online with hypocrisy in the republican party. How they will do anything to get a vote even fool weak minded Christians into thier lies. Sad itís taking so long for them to realize neither party cares about them. Christians really have to pick the lesser of 2 evils both go against their bible.

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