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Blues Traveler's John Popper Arrested - But That's Beside The Point

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posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 03:46 PM
So... John Popper was busted for driving his Mercedes SUV at 111mph in Washington state. John wasn't driving the vehicle himself but was busted for marijuana when the smell was detected during the stop.

As troopers were searching the vehicle, they discovered multiple hidden compartments containing a grand total of 14 weapons. Popper’s weapons of choice included: 9 handguns, 4 rifles, and 1 switchblade knife.

In the Blues Traveler lead singer’s defense, though, all of the weapons were acquired legally. Popper rationalized his stash by telling the authorities that, in the event of a natural disaster, he didn’t want to be left behind. The singer is known as a gun enthusiast and informed the troopers that he was a weapons collector. Troopers report that the amount of modifications to the vehicle were not something they might see every day. These modifications, beyond the hidden compartments, include: flashing emergency lights, a siren, an external public address system, night vision goggles, and a Taser.

Popper and Gourgeois will be charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. There is also the possibility that Popper will face federal charges for the possession of a vehicle with hidden compartments. (emphasis mine)

What? It's illegal to have a vehicle with hidden compartments? Has anyone else heard of this law?

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 07:00 PM
Isn't a glove box a "hidden compartment"???

posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 03:57 PM
This is only news because they found guns in the car. Why that should be news I don't know? I mean BREAKING NEWS !!!!

Some people still choose to exercise their second ammendment RIGHTS even at the risk of demonization by unthinking reactionaries that would like to see us all disarmed and totally at the mercy of our completelly dismal emergency first response system. Now I am not criticizing cops or paramedics or firemen, I am just saying in the first eleven minutes before they can reasonably be expected to respond to an incident americans have a constitutional right to defend themselves and their property. Or in the case of a medical emergency they have legal protection to attempt to help those who are injured.

In the long run I think the fact that john popper (not exactly a man known for his violent tendencies) feels he needs to carry that kind of hardware should instead be a wake up call to reasonable americans. He isn't a 50 cent type that will throw down for his crew he is just a mild mannered guy who happened to cut a few successful albums, and has chose to spend some of the proceeds from them on guns and other survival gear.

Don't let Rosie O'donnell and ORca ... mean oprah winfrey and the million moron (i mean mom) marcher set think for you. I mean after all if we're going to go into all the interesting people who have racked up drug charges while in posession of weapons why not start with revisiting the million moron marcher that got caught with drugs and several ILLEGAL weapons (notice none of john poppers guns were illegally modified or acquired but he will be the one called a GUN NUT or PARANOID MILITIA type). and he was just driving too fast the million moron marcher was plotting a revenge killing...

BUT Remember John Popper was the Evil paranoid one and Rosie O donnel ORCA windbag hillary clinton and the brady lobbyists will keep telling you that until you believe it....

On a side note Violent crime is still down this year even after the so called EMERGENCY Assault weapons ban executive order has been expired for a couple years now. Ask the British what their gun crime has been doing latelly...

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