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How does the NWO sleep at night? (Opinions)

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posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 12:39 PM
I'm usually one for brevity, concise & precise responses. But here is a musing out loud....

Knowing that the aim is total control of the population, how do the rank & file servants of the 'NWO' (sic) sleep at night? I'm not talking about the black hats in the nexus but more your middle of the road CFR members, aristocracy, and business elite.

Egotism, material greed and megalomania aside, I suspect the most common rationale would have to be how dumb Joe Citizen is. "If they are too stupid to realize what is going on, or too apathetic to stop us, then why SHOULDN'T we take over their world and enforce our WILL upon their meaningless lives?".

Well, it's tempting for me to actually agree with such a statement. Yet it is not fair to judge the population so harshly because the reason most folks are so ignorant is due to the modus operandi of the 'NWO' itself. Therefore, the justification is based on flawed logic & false assumptions.

For starters, we do not play on an even field. At birth the odds are already stacked against Joe Citizen ever realizing something fishy is going on. Throughout all his life he will be brainwashed and manipulated by insitutional mechanisms including:

* Dumbed down education system
* Sanitized news media
* Mind-numbing 'entertainment'
* 'Snakes & ladders' employment system
* Economic serfdom

In fact when you look at our society, there really is nothing really NEW about the so-called NWO's plans. They are just implementing new technology and globalising an already established cryptic empire. But they are also tightening the bolt-holes against anyone who wants to live outside their square, which is what makes the fringe-dwellers so nervous.

They wage total war on poor Joe's liberty & free will. This totally negates any proclaimed forfeit on behalf of the sheeple. They are not inherently 'dumb' and do not need to be controlled for their own good. With a fighting chance I believe nearly anyone can contribute to a meaningful and positive society based on enlightened truths rather than perpetual lies.

I don't suppose we can expect any answers from the CFR, Trilateral, Bilderbergers etc on this board, so how do you think these guys sleep at night?

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 12:47 PM
they know that no matter how bad things will get for us that they will have money/power/????? at the end of their movement at they are safe...i just have trouble seeing it all go through when they try to round us up what about the active duty soldiers that are in america right now that wont take it lying down....some may also feel guilty later and turn on the nwo really this (if it does happen) maybe looked upon later in history less as a civil war and more as a defining moment for freedom in the west when the eople stood up for what they thought was right.......again

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 12:47 PM
You don't know how?

They sleep on money, money covered in the blood of soliders fighting in Iraq, covered in oil and with a smile on their face. If you are that rich - you do not care.

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 02:03 PM

Excellent post and excellent question!

I feel it's critical to point out here, that the overwhelming majority of the low-level and middle-level (and even high-level!) servants of the NWO/shadow-government, DO NOT KNOW that the ultimate agenda is total control of the masses.

The entire system of control is A GIANT HOUSE OF CARDS that relies heavily upon secrecy, covert operations, lies, disinformation, distraction, propaganda, and the ignorance and willing compliance of the masses.

For example, how many US and UK troops do you think would still want to be fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan if they KNEW for a fact that the whole "War on Terror" is a LIE? But they are heavily, thoroughly brainwashed to believe that the "Terrorists" and "Islamic Extremists" are the real enemy and they are doing the right thing....

I think that many of the people who maintain the UFO secrecy are also fed lies and disinformation to keep them in ignorance and keep them quiet. They are told for example that the ETs are hostile and plan to invade us or that there will otherwise be a war against them, so "we need to keep this quiet or there will be mass panic around the world".

Those who maintain the secrecy surrounding zero-point energy and related technologies are told, "these technologies are too dangerous to let out into the public, they can be used to create WMDs, the world isn't ready for this yet, keep this quiet!" - meanwhile elements of the shadow government have ALREADY created WMDs with these technologies! (eg Directed Energy Weapons, Scalar Wave Weapons)

The rank and file servants of the NWO are able to 'sleep at night' because they are DUPED into believing they are doing the right thing!

Our best weapon? TRUTH. If you do nothing but educate ONE soldier, or cop, or lawyer, or banker, or politician, or scientist, or reporter... even if you turn only ONE person to the side of truth and freedom and compassion and peace and unity.... that still takes power away from them, because their power is contingent upon secrecy and deceit.

Eventually that house of cards must come crashing down.....


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