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The Trojan Horse of the Russians.

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posted on Mar, 11 2007 @ 10:43 PM
Did they win the cold war, someway did they win?

I know it seems like a silly question and the answer seems obvious, but here we are 15 years later and communisum is on the rise.

We are busy looking for Islamaphaists, and Communisum is comming back bigger than ever.

Did they somehow trick us and win when we thought the war was over?

Here are my thoughts from a recent thoughts on this subject. Just some thoughts I was mulling over that I decided to share.

I have been watching everyone tricked out and spying on each other, like good little Stasi citizens and it has me wondering, did the Russians really lose or did they pull a fast one on those lazy, assuming Westerners?

I mean here we are 15 to 16 years later and we are being tricked out and played as much as the German citizens were.

Everyone is busy spying and snitching on each others, people are learning that they can't trust those around them, and people's love is growing cold.

People are doing things they would have dreaded 20 years earlier. While our attention in the West shifted to Islamaphashist or whatever the distraction of the day is, communism has been making a comeback, in fact it's making a killing.

This got me to thinking and wondering. I mean is there anyway that they pretended to lose the cold battle, so that they could win the Cold War?

Think about it, it's the oldest trick in the book. Long war, it's wasting resources, no one is winning. You pretend to lose the war, pack up your ship, or break down your walls, and then send a gift to your enemies, make them drunk lazy, let down their guards and then, you slip in when they are sleeping and boom you have conquered Troy.

Well did the Russians or Communism conquer the West. Well let's see, they offered us Peace, Paastroka. They packed up their ships, or they let down the wall, and pretended that Communism was dead and fully gone, and that we had conquered them with our democratic society.

Then they had all their agents slip quietly and stealthily into our shores, and while we slept, somehow their system slowly took over.

Maybe a bit simplistic in the comparison, but it's something to think about when you think about the spy society that we have become. We have systems in place that we would have been shocked at 20 years ago. We also have in some Countries, former Stasi Chiefs, and KGB heads, handling the countries homeland security.

Our children, parents, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, are all spying, and betraying others. Many in society live in fear of discussing this stuff. Young ones are learning to speak in whispers and hushed tones.

Spies and looks outs at every corner, and people do not know who they can trust or what they can trust. Government is doing scarier things to people than the mafia ever did. The mafia if it exists at all anymore, are probably so over run with agents inside, they won't know what hit them when their organisation runs into trouble.

The rest of use are here trying to make sense of it all, and I think maybe they won after all either intentionally or by default they won. We have become what we always afraid of becoming. I think sometimes the horror that they lived in must have left a deep morphic resonance in the human conscience, something that had to be experienced by others to be understood, and I think that they imparted that experience on the human conscience so that the rest of us could understand the horrors they saw and experienced under that system. Somehow it's become our own, a living breathing spymare that no one can wake up from.

I wonder what happened to the generation that was so afraid of becoming Red. How short human memory is. How changeable they are sometimes, what would have shocked and horrified a generation ago, has become perfectly acceptable and trendy. We have our children tricked out and whored spies and ears of society. Hard to believe sometimes that it has come to this and so quickly. Slow, slithering and insidious, like a sleepless malice, it crept in while we slumbered and wrapped it's coils around humanity, and now it squeezes slowly, killing us as we try to loosen ourselves from it's grasps, each time we breath and convince ourselves we are close to becoming free, it tightens it's hold, till we it's human prey will become no more. Then it will open up it's hingeless jaw and devour all humanity.

A bit dramatic, but they are making a comeback, and with the recent killing of the journalist in Russian, the spy poisioned, and the reporter shot in his drive way, I have to wonder. They all pointed their fingers at Russia.

Any thoughts on this?

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 12:08 PM
I am the son of Lithuanian immigrants to the U.S. My folks were refugees, fleeing Lithuania in the height of WWII. Incidentally, they fled toward Germany and not the "Russian allies". Does this mean that they were Nazis? No , far from it. They fled towards the lesser of two evils. They were fleeing from communism not towards Germany to embrace fascism. They simply wanted to escape what they already knew to be the most insidious evil -- Joe Stalin and his Communist regime.

That said, I should also add that, over the years, I have read quite a bit about history and a few things have always puzzled me. One being is how the Soviet Union came to be regarded as an ally in the war against Hitler. Frankly, if it had not been for the fact that Hitler 'double-crossed' Stalin, reneging on secret agreements signed between the two of them before WWII broke out, Hitler might not have even started his invasions of Poland and the rest of Europe. After all, those agreements between despotic tyrants guranteed Hitler with a supply of grain, fuel and materiel in exchange for signing over the Baltics to the U.S.S.R. This act alone should demonstrate clearly that Stalin was not the ally that the West would have liked. If anything, Stalin and his 'forcibly enslaved "Union" of Soviet Socialist Republics was a reluctant ally at best.

When WWII finally came a close, it is very telling that unlike the Western Allies, the U.S.S.R. made what can only be construed as a land grab seeking the spoils of war. The soviets/Russians literally took possession of the Baltic States; Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. They "took" Poland, Czechoslovakia, Eastern Europe and of course East Germany. They had no intention of ever allowing these countries to find true independence.

When the peoples of the enslaved nations of the USSR finally managed to wrestle their independence from the Soviets in the 90's, the world began to "see" that the Communist paradise was anything but that.

Today we find that many people of the former U.S.S.R. are really rather leery of the Russians. It is known that Putin, "a democratically elected dictator" has dreams of restoring Russia to it's former glory. Nothing wrong with that? Who doesn't want the best for one's nation? But must it come at the cost of the lives of others? Putin has never kept mum about wanting to bring back the Baltic States as a "rightful part of Russia". The only thing is that the Baltics are not Russian, they are not even slavic peoples. They have no desire, whatsoever, of being a part of any nation much less a nation that has historically enslaved the Balts (and, I might add, many other nations, cultures and nationalities).

Yes, I have my doubts and suspicions about Russia. I certainly have my suspicions about Putin. But only time will tell whether history will repeat itself .... again.

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 09:04 PM
I am just worried that we are living history and no one seems to realise it and will not realise it till it's too late.

I am one of those recently awaken, or half awakened from my slumber only to realise that my world is very different than what I thought it was.

The world is looking right when it should be looking left. We are looking for Terrorists, when we should be looking out for communist, or communistic systesm.

You are right though, only time will tell, but now that I have awakened from my partial slumber, I fear that the time is short and people will not awaken in time, or if they do it will be to a horrible reality that could have been, stopped, prevented, or put off for longer.

Oh well, I guess we will wait and see.

posted on Mar, 17 2007 @ 03:31 AM
As per the predictions of Anatoliy Golitsyn

the USSR never really 'fell' and simply changed shape to better handle the challenges that were arising while not having to keep up the pretenses of the past.

Glad that there are at least some people who have discovered parts of what is really taking place in that country and around the world.


posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 12:38 PM
Hi StellarX.

I have to first thank you for posting the links. I was so shocked when I started to read through the links. I mean it's one thing for me to have looked around and thought, oh boy somehow the Russians are pulling a modern day Trojan horse trick, but since this post, there are others who believe this to be true.

I guess some of us never shifted our attention from communism. To hear a former KGB defector from the upper ranks say that this is the goal, and he said this way back when, like the 80's. Way before the walls fell. Almost everything he said has come true.

I so want to read those books now. I mean if this is correct, and I have no real reason to think that in some way shape or form this is wrong, then we are screwed. They have infiltrated us, without us even knowing it. Heading up homeland security. 20 years ago, we would have flipped our lids on stuff like this, now we have just let them march in and take over.

I mean how could a plan like that loose. The Trojan horse play is one of the greatest plays in history, and if a modern day enemy could devise such a plan and use it effectively on an enemy then could victory be in doubt?

I mean if this is what they did, then it's brilliant. It's back for us, but such long term planning, such strategy. I mean that would be brilliance. They would of course have learnt enough about us over the years to realise that a strategy like this could be used on us, the same way the Greeks used it on their enemies.

I couldn't believe the links as I started to read over them. The fact that one of their own from so many years ago, warned of this. Now the question is, is he a true defector or just a deep, deep cover agent? I mean I know he changed his identity and stuff like that, but since learning about gang stalking, this past summer, I know that the government is willing to tell enough of their tactics so that it looks truthful, and then mix in enough lies to throw off the people. Eg. A book was written that tells all about gang stalking, AKA community based policing, which is being used for Cointelpro 2. What the book does not tell you is who is behind or what is behind gang stalking. It purposely leads you to believe that it's vigilante gangs. So I am wondering is he a real defector or deep cover? Are there not some agents who spend almost their whole lives pretending to work or be in league with the other side?

I mean if this was the real plan all along then we are screwed. Here are some excepts which I found really interesting.

Yet someone had predicted glasnost and perestroika, in detail, even before Gorbachev came to power. This person's analysis of events in the communist world had even been provided to the Agency on a regular basis.

In 1982, KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn had submitted a top-secret manuscript to CIA. In it, he foresaw that leadership of the USSR would by 1986 "or earlier" fall to "a younger man with a more liberal image," who would initiate "changes that would have been beyond the imagination of Marx or the practical reach of Lenin and unthinkable to Stalin."

The coming liberalization, Golitsyn said, "would be spectacular and impressive. Formal pronouncements might be made about a reduction in the Communist Party's role; its monopoly would be apparently curtailed.... The KGB would be reformed. Dissidents at home would be amnestied; those in exile abroad would be allowed to take up positions in the government; Sakharov might be included in some capacity in the government. Political dubs would be opened to nonmembers of the Communist Party. Leading dissidents might form one or more alternative political Censorship would be relaxed; controversial plays, films, and art would be published, performed, and exhibited."

Golitsyn provided an entire chapter of such predictions, containing 194 distinct auguries. Of these, 46 were not soon falsifiable (it was too early to tell, e.g., whether Russian economic ministries would be dissolved); another 9 predictions (e.g., of a prominent Yugoslavian role in East-Bloc liberalization) seemed clearly wrong. Yet of Golitsyn's falsifiable predictions, 139 out of 148 were fulfilled by the end of 1993 -- an accuracy rate of nearly 94 percent. Among events correctly foreseen: "the return to power of Dubcek and his associates" in Czechoslovakia; the reemergence of Solidarity" and the formation of a "coalition government" in Poland; a newly "independent" regime in Romania; "economic reforms" in the USSR; and a Soviet repudiation of the Afghanistan invasion. -Golitsyn even envisioned that, with the "easing of immigration controls" by East Germany, "pressure could well grow for the solution of the German problem [by] some form of confederation between East and West," with the result that "demolition of the Berlin Wall might even be contemplated."

Then the other article was just as fascinating.

Golitsyn's book is actually about strategy, psychological warfare and how to organize the implements of deception (of higher, intellectual warfare). Various tricks are discussed in the book. One trick is that of pretending to be at odds with those you are secretly allied with. Another trick is to reorganize your society and declare your own defeat in order to disarm an opponent. These tricks are thoroughly discussed by Golitsyn, who is blessed with analytical and strategical understanding.

They do this in the gang stalking world also. You will have people pretending to argue and hate each other and they will be all on the same side. It's a loosing battle and that's why many targets just don't know who to trust. Don't trust any of them, trust yourself. It's just easier that way. Same with all this disinfo out there, you just have to learn to trust yourself. Still every once in a while you do meet, honestly decent people who will give you the truth, or what they honestly believe to be the truth.

The fact that Golitsyn had predicted a fake Soviet collapse, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the communists giving up power in the Soviet Union, would make it clear to the Russian strategists that any such plan would be recognized and thwarted.

This guy is either deep cover, or a modern day Casandra, who no one will believe till it's too late. History really does repeat itself if you don't learn from it.

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