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Hello im new here...

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posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 09:55 AM

Been following UFO's (so called) since the 80's, 911 is bloody obvious and the moon *cough* 'landings' catch my drift, but i had to bail out at the "disclosure project' that just blew me away... i saw some truth and i saw obvious mis-informants (talking about greys etc)

i dunno... 9/11 you'll have to wait another 20 years to find out what happened maybe... the moon landings...oh jesus, there's lots of evidence to show it 'could' be real... but to me the whole freaking thing stinks, UFO's?... i thought the first ufo was built by the germans in an old Skoda factory just before the end of WWII, von braun went to the USA and developed lots of rocket tech... i thought the 1947 roswell crash was just a down black project, plenty of CIA mis-informants telling the world it was 'aliens' etc and that would keep the stupid people in line and away from their little secret projects during the cold war... i've seen footage, plenty of the shuttle missions etc and yes it does look weird... i thought mostly space junk or small meteorites etc... but turning at right angles? - astronots being asked to ignore 'lights' etc... i dunno... aliens...hmmmm, fantastic tech (as they say) fibre-optic lamps etc... yeah course there gonna crash...of course they are...there little big eye'd greys and we got lots off goodies from them....

now there so much # and bollox out there... that any hope of me finding the truth is lost... so many arseholes posting #, talking about #... filming balloons in their garden, special FX men creating fake films of alien interviews... now the disclosure project from 2001?... i dunno... it's easy to fly into the realms of fantasy...most look upon us as cracked... but i know 911 stinks, the moon landings stink but UFO's... for years i was a believer, then i became aware that if you look at the evidence it doesn't make sense... it's pure hollywood fantasy... typified in many films 'Independence day' for example... i wish it were true... i think about 5% of the entire UFO movment/info etc etc is kinda weird... but the rest can be thrown out... skunkworks?... where do you think the US make their stealths and secret weapons etc... most likely there right?... so they must love us thinking there's UFO's there...they must laugh... how many idiots (without any freaking proof what so ever) have come forward and said... "yep, saw me a UFO over there and i was inside it..." oh fark aufff... i've had enough of this rubbish... i tell must filter out the bollox from the truth... use your minds not your imagination and stay intelligent regardless of your education... im sure your creating a damning impression of yourselves to the world when really you could be exposing lies and helping the rest of us rid this planet of the corrupt despots and injustices....

i dunno.... i was about 10 years old when i got into UFO's the television and film industry feeds you myth & fantasy...and we swallow it like gullible fools... look at the rise of evangelical Christianity...simple... it's food for morons...

well i believe a time is coming where we find some truth....something in which the world will look upon 'us' conspiracy theorists....

When you search these forums, what percentage of lard/crap/bollox do you have to wade through before you find something substantial...?

anyways good luck...i had to pull the cord on myself like many others and bail out of all of this... the mud-slingers certainly did a good job... i beg you to catch these arseholes and expose must be more critical...or any old # enters the areaa... and everyone always see's the # first and leaves you with the words 'nutters'

your not... keep going...

posted on Mar, 11 2007 @ 04:48 PM
WOW thats alot of writing but anyways pretty interesting you'll make a good addition for ATS-BTS


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