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Mars photo. Need others opinions

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 11:00 PM
OK this thread is sort of a response to the thread located here:

New Amazing Structures On Mars!! Evidence Of Advanced Alien Life??

In that thread the author posted an image of the Cydonia area with strange symbols. That image turned out to be fake when someone found the original raw image.

I was looking at the original image that person found and saw things that stuck out to me and I've pointed them out and was wondering if anyone else sees what I do?

First, here's a link to the original image so you can see I didn't edit anything in. All I've done is highlight certain areas with ugly arrows from Paint Shop Pro 7 (On a friends computer right now. Kind of old LOL)

Here's the image where I've highlighted areas that stick out to me

Incase the above link doesn't work:

^ Use that link if you want a bigger image and make out what I typed on the image above.

I had to resize the original image after making my highlights so I could upload it to Imageshack. I apologize if this hurt the image any. On the system I'm on I could still make everything out fine though.

What I mean by the clean craters, is that they look like they've been dug out by machines. When you think of a crater you usually think of a round shape. Like bouncing a beach ball in sand. The imprint left by that would look like your average crater.

Take a look at the ones I pointed out. The sides and bottoms of these craters look flat, not round. Picture taking a bucket and pushing it into sand. You'd have an imprint that would resemble what I'm talking about. The sides and bottoms of these craters look too level and straight. Not rugged like the other round ones.

John Lear and others have theories that we or possible aliens may be mining the moon. Could they also be doing this on Mars around Cydonia?

The possible markings I pointed out are a direct response to the previous thread where a poster said there are no "squiggly lines". So I decided to point out some that I could easily make out.

The area on the left where I mention possible water. What I'm saying is that compared to the rest of the image, this area looks wet/muddy. As if water still runs through it. I can see what looks like water channels and water corrosion to me.

This is all my opinion and I'm not saying for a fact this is all there. Just pointing out what I see and would just like to know if anyone else agrees.


NightmarE D


Not saying the one area is a skull, but it does kind of resemble one. Also I apologize for any grammar errors in my thread. I'm dead tired right now but wanted to post this before going to bed.

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posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 02:03 PM
idk, imo these sort of pics are really open to interpretation leading to all sorts of differing opinions and such. but the weird thing bout the pics are the squiggly lines are like the greek alphabet or something, but all in all these are really good pics!! nice topic

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