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Bulgarian Nurses

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 09:10 PM
Why is this NOT being talked about in the media!? This is driving me crazy. I cannot believe this story.

BBC: ]


If you have time for this movie, it will blow you away Injection: The Movie

It talks about the nurses, and what's going on in Africa with AIDS.

Google Video Link

By now, you're probably thinking,"So what? I can't do anything."

Yes, you can do something. Just get the word out about these people.

Yes, I feel bad for the 400 children that were infected. But this is not because of the innocent nurses, it's because of the horrible equipment and sterilization in the Benghazi hospital. Khaddafi needs someone to blame. Many other nurses were also arrested, but later released. This ruthless dictator states that this HIV disaster was planned by the CIA, and the Israeli and Bulgarian Secret Services. Why would this be the case? Why would Bulgaria want to infect children with HIV? This country has its own problems.

Please, just get the word out. Tell your friends, your relatives, and anyone else.

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