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My Issues and Your Issues. (A Rant)

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 07:05 PM
These are the Top 10 Issues facing our country today and my opinions on each issue just a rant from me What U KNO... This is the list from Gallup's Top 10

1. Iraq

Iraq is a quagmire that has cost us our reputation in the world. It has cost us billions of dollars, and the lives of our brave men and women in uniform.

We were brought into the war under false intentions, Lies, Manipulation. We have taken a sovereign country that was not a threat to us and destabilized a region. We have no exit strategy, the Iraq government has no control over its citizens and now it's falling into a civil war further destabilizing an already shaky region.

2. Terrorism and National Security

Our ports are no more secure today than they were before 9/11; Airports have become a nightmare for travelers. Security on our subways has raised little. We have not caught Osama Bin Laden; we continue to alienate what can be our strongest allies. We cannot continue to shirk our responsibility to the memories of those that lost their lives on 9/11 (even though it was more than likely an inside job by our own government)

3. Terrorism and National SecurityThe Economy

We must work hard to compete in the world. Our country needs to show the world by our example how great it can be. We as a nation cannot let our economy go in the toilet yet again or ever again. We owe it to ourselves to create jobs build our economy and be fiscally responsible within our government.

4. Energy

We have to end the dependence on foreign oil. We also have the responsibility to our environment to research and develop proper alternative energy sources and clean energy. We are at a pivotal point in our evolution as a species. We must become better guardians of the planet; we must develop a clean renewable energy solution for ourselves our children and our children’s children.

5. EnergyIllegal Immigration

This is a hard topic. Most of the people that come to this country illegally from south of the border are only here to work for their families. There should be no crime in that. However we have to change the way we process immigrants that want to come to this country legally and make it more enticing for other immigrants to come across the border legally. I would like to see a system put in place that makes it easier for hard working families to come to this country legally and also make harsher penalties for companies that continue to hire illegal immigrants.

6. Healthcare

It is unconscionable that the greatest country in the world does not have universal health care for its citizens. Pharmaceutical companies inflate prices on much needed medicine for our people. People are turned away from hospitals and denied treatment because they cannot afford to pay. This needs to change; we cannot depreciate the value of human life in order to inflate profits for investors.

7. Education

Our children's education in my opinion is paramount. We as a country need to raise our children’s education to the highest standards. In order to compete in the world tomorrow, we have to educate our children better today. We cannot let a single child in this country to go without a proper education enabling them to meet the demands of the work force in the future.

8. EducationSocial Security

This is a promise made to us by our government. We should all be very upset that this is even an issue in our society today. Each of us that bring home a paycheck pay into this fund that is supposed to benefit us when we retire, or provide a safety net for the event that we cannot work. However because of theft by our government and mismanagement of this fund it is in danger of collapse? This should not stand. We either need to reimburse every American every dime that they have invested into this fund and scrap the whole idea or stabilize and make this fund work again.

9. Fixing Government Itself

Our government has distanced itself from the people that it is supposed to serve. It has become a giant faceless entity that we feel that we have no control over. This needs to stop. We have our part to play in the affairs of our government and we as Americans cannot simply idly complain about not being able to do anything about the way things work without actually doing something about it. Our representatives themselves also must remember who voted for them and who they in the end work for. Not the lobbyists not the corporations.

10. The Federal Deficit

We have done the unthinkable in this country, we have taken what could have been the most profitable government in history and instead have created the biggest debt in all of history. Why have we sat by and let our own government be so fiscally irresponsible with our money? Why is it that this government cannot run itself like a successful business? All the correct elements are there except accountability.

Well that’s what I have to say about the issues facing our country today...

posted on Mar, 18 2007 @ 08:44 AM
I have two current issues, WUK.

1. The outting of a CIA agent--The Valerie Plame Affair.

2. The firinng of 8 US Attorneys for political reasons.

I'll be happy at this point when Gonzo's gone from the DOJ, and Rove FINALLY gets canned for his role in both of those. He's an arrogant little prick who has twisted OUR government to his evil means. Both of them are.

And as for war...

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