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The Intelligence Community answerable only to the President?

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 05:37 PM
The discussion of if President Bush violated the Constitution or any laws in his restriction of information to Congress is a hot debate these days - that is - unless you're a member of Congress or the President.

Congress has had no problem in suing or brining to court, cases where Presidents possibly over-step their powers. Goldwater v. Carter is a great example.

But, the Congress has not challenged that Bush has "misled them" through intelligence nor suggested that they are privy to any information from the CIA or NSA etc.


Because the Intelligence Community is directly responsible to the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) who is directly responsible to the President. Not to Congress.

Congress's Constitutional limitations are clear, Nationals Security and Intelligence falls into the realm of the Presidency and Congress has a very limited oversight on the matter. Is this a conspiracy?

Not really, it's been this way more or less since the inception of the US. Does it leave room for the President to mislead Congress, possibly, but it is one of the only mitigations on the potential failure of security that can arise from sharing information with a large legislative body.


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