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Comair Employee Smuggles Guns & Drugs

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 11:17 AM
I heard this story on the local news here this morning.
Found a couple of links...
Link 1
Link 2

An airline employee at Orlando International Airport used his security privileges on Monday to sneak a duffle bag containing 13 handguns, an assault rifle and eight pounds of marijuana aboard a Delta flight to San Juan.

Allegedly the assault rifle is an M-16 automatic.

I like this quote from the Transportation Security Administration...

"We can't discuss the details of an ongoing criminal investigation," said TSA spokesman Christopher White. "What we can say is that no weapons were brought through the security checkpoints and that at no time were passengers in danger."

So how did the guns get through? Obviously they do not want to say that there was a security breach by an employee of an airline. Seems like the screening for employees are somewhat lacking... just think of the consequences!

Any airline workers here care to comment?

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