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lemme smoke one witcha

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 10:19 AM
things induce mania, difficult to traject, invoked by remembering the unknown, testing experience and placing you on a plane, rarely fun and is easy to glorify.. A defense mechanism so you won't plunge strait to dementia. usually quite depressing and disturbing deterrents accompany the experience, spirits blind siding you with suicidal hints and deceptive torments. god won't let you in at least not to the extent of learning anything. never complete.. it's the difference between observing and interacting. external functions shut off to an inward concentration. submerged.. u know what u are trying to see, what will u really see? the balance of there is no way to i never realized that was true that you almost loose the thought, living in a delicate drift wherein weighting void of space by hearing added to that meaning was not known but based on what was unrelated realize words say names unceasingly timing a barrier with a question suggesting openings consuming answer's matter leaving watt seams as one undeniable constant. sudden trama waiting always in the back of your mind, a tool for shutting you down and making turn. if you think it's you it doesn't matter even if it's not. i got you red - you were never told where you came from or that there is more meaning to you than you know. things will bother you even when they shouldn't. you can learn by these distractions. we are controlled. at first you think it's the people you know and it sort of is because it's everybody. what is the universe getting out of this? Apophenia - Solipsism.. there are irrational ideas that i believe but it is like if you say you lead someone to believe even though somethings said should have no weight on the moment. somehow you're a different person/a layer in your vision of such clarity masking the concrete with images of design knodding off to speak of in such a way as an agency paid for your life from birth helpless going shifts in time, shifting between dimensions, it's impossible to know you've died and still be alive. it's like you are hosting someone elses body and your consciousness is living there in progress, how can one lead 2 lives without thinking of one. interface living the same reality over in a different life. a separate organism attached in a symbiotic tug of war for air time of your body. a predetermined reel, a program that you run with yourself that can allow one to read other dimensions. now remember my eyes closed, on the backs of my eyelids i see a room different than the one i'm in, as i will to move i do though i am standing still. whos eyes are these that i am looking through, have they become unaware now that i put my hand infront of my face and know that i control this, or is it only like a reel that is controlling me. we are running out of air starring down i realize that everyone leads 2 lives, and that on a global scale time stops and there can be chaos involving whole cities. we don't even know what we look like, everyone is just sleepwalking tragedy semi-mutual awareness suspicious that they keep from me how they cloned me and wear me so that i'm not me or there's a readout they look at to see me from where they are, devices implanted in me listening, even that i know sometimes they drive as in are me, i'm not me. whenever they do i do seizers, blackouts, an excuse for unauthorized access. You wake up and your things are different then they were.. you become angry or curious, how can you not wonder? whatever the case maybe if you're not aware then you don't know.. So what is it to loose consciousness for an indescribable amount of time. what did i do? where have i been? who do i not know that knows me and for what? I'm not involved in my own actions, incomprehensible. Hidden Cameras connected to a network of merciless games.. replicated city blocks(sum)people transported subconsciously between their numerous identical homes. Identical Twins - deceit with your friends impersonated, rolled for satellite views. Structured maze made to defeat and so preserve power, balance the less fortunate so as to decide the divi of the powerful..

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 10:32 AM
Wow, no disrespect, but this is a trip all in itself.

I guess you have to have one witcha to feel this way.

Oh and welcome to our forum.

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 11:09 AM
If you edit your opening post, and consider using some paragraphs.... I might come back and read it. Otherwise I'm gone.... I can't read anything that looks like bothers my eyes.

Welcome to the board

Edit* comma

[edit on 3/8/2007 by jensouth31]

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 12:14 PM
I 2nd that.


posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 12:21 PM
dont read it, thx 4 your input

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 12:34 PM

Originally posted by imperialturkey
dont read it, thx 4 your input

I didn't, and you're most welcome.

Have a terrific day!

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 03:47 PM
Lost something in translation i think.
So much easier to read if you use punctuation and paragraphs.
Delivery and substance the key to being here.

The answer is write(?) in front of you.
Help is at hand, welcome.
Collect your thoughts in a bucket not a sieve.

May your stay here be long and fruitful.
Dont bite the hand that feeds.
Most members willing to help.
Anyway, what Lysergic said, have a terrific day.

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 12:18 PM
Wow, I kinda get it.

So... Uhh... Is it a poem or rap or something????

[edit on 9-3-2007 by chris01621]

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 03:15 PM
how much did you smoke?

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