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RobotGuards for population control?

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 06:45 AM
Video from South Korea:

"The South Korean military will test several robots in the coming
months to verify the soundness of the system and to determine if it can
supplement troops. If the test is successful, full-time deployment of the
robots is expected to begin in late 2007."

Did you know that Cybermotion robots have been used in many nuclear facilities in the US and in Canada?

# are totally honest, trustworthy, and accountable
# can objectively assess a situation and remember all the details
# are highly sensitive to a wide range of hazardous conditions

Cybermotion's i-Con (intelligent console) software analyzes the threat and facilitates a response.

Scientists have trained rats to respond to signals from a laptop-based
command center up to 500 yards away, enabling a human operator to remotely guide
the robo-rats through an obstacle course. Intelligent, nimble, and inexpensive,
such guided animals could be used for spying or on dangerous search-and-rescue missions.

While robots need to be precisely programmed to correctly complete even the
simplest task, he noted, rats are naturally capable of performing many
actions that would be required of, for example, search-and-rescue machines.

"You give [rats] a command, and they have their own sort of native intelligence
to carry it out," Talwar said.

Based on commands they can "think for theirselves" to execute the commands.
So they are actually intelligent and may even become self-aware at some point.

The brain-in-a-dish was DeMarse' idea. To produce it, 25,000 rat neurones were
suspended in a specialised liquid to keep them alive and then laid across a grid
of 60 electrodes in a small glass dish.

Again, the same applies, since it is actually a brain doing it, it is
possible it could become self-aware and turn against its creators....

Evil at work..........


Terminator 3 anyone ?

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 06:38 PM
I remember reading about this in Popular Mechanics. They had to prove to SK that the robot would not fire at their own side. Why would they use it for population control? I think SK mostly wants it to relieve the watch duty on the DMZ between them and NK.

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