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why would the NWO like us to talk about them (legitamizes them and law of attraction)

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posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 01:03 PM
you know i was wondering the other day about the laws of attraction and it dawned on me, the more we talk about the NWO and there goals the more we legitamize them and make them more powerful and the more time in the day we spend thinking about and talking about these things the more we are attracted to focusing specifically on these subjects and inadvertantly making them more popular, socially recoginized, and crossing the line from making people aware to making people obsesed and thus giving the NWO more power. that is why they like us to talk about them.

i'm not sure if this makes sense to anyone or what better ways to decribe the sentiments i'm getting at are but it you focus alot of your time with the nwo and doom's day and the more people that do this, aren't we kind of inadvertantly strengthening something by focusing too much on it instead of what we would like instead. or do we have really no idea what we want, only what we don't

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posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 02:51 PM
Funny - my husband and I were just discussing this before I came online.

I agree with your premise - the more we associate the NWO with all these fearful ideologies and subversive tactics - the greater the likelihood of us becoming irrationally paranoid and falling into the subtle trap that is being set.

The more we focus our energies towards this "inevitable horror of the future" the more we isolate ourselves from the positive and productive aspects of life that make life worth living.

Too much time freaking out about "subversive symbolism" can only condition the mind to be fearful, paranoid and anti-social - and we are in danger of becoming parrots to the very propaganda that we rally against.

I've long thought that it was all a ploy to recondition the minds of the fearful to even more extreme ends - raise their blood pressure and confound them with obsessive worrying to the point that they drop completely out of society and create nothing but problems for themselves fighting an imaginary enemy.

I for one, think the majority of the anti-NWO that is fear based is playing off the human condition and targeting the weaker minds of the populace - getting them so ingrained to a negative worldview that they can literaly be diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenics - medicated or jailed and taken completely out of the picture.

I mean - in a world with so many beautiful possibilities - why do so many gravitate towards an unhealthy and devestating worldview? It makes sense that someone out there would predate on this weakness of the human condition.

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posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 09:35 PM
I hear ya!

I know it sounds weird, but I too just explained to a close friend why my hobby is "world conspiracies" and (as for the first time in weeks I had someone to talk to about this in a sensible way), while talking I wondered how strange it is that every movement has some kind of "spiritual leader", and how these people gather around them a following like modern saviours: be it, for example, Alex Jones for NWO theorists, or Dr. Steven Greer, the UFO disclosure guy; there used to be Michael Moore and Erich von Däniken - and also, how other "subcultures" have different "icons" in arts, music, politics, science, religion and various other forms of social networks.

Many of them - with some exceptions - gain power by playing on the fears of people, stating clear "if X, then Y" rules, "programming" the minds by telling them what they are meant to avoid, should keep away from and so on.

We have clear definitions for what we hate, or don't want: war, injustice, suffering, sorrow, pain, for example. These are written on stone. But because there are so many diffuse things that we can choose to WANT, we find many explanations what may cause the things we don't want: the devil, the illuminati, the reptiloids, the Dark Force and argue amongst us what can be done against THESE.

But WE create the universe around us, so let's focus on the many stuff we DO want. Let's get real greedy. What do we put our faith in, what makes us happy, what are we in love with? Peace, money, happyness, a cure for all diseases, something to eat, a drink, freedom, control, wisdom, enlightenment, zero point energy, friends from outer space, nice neighbours, fresh air, good food, education, weapons, might, strength, tolerance and understanding, benevolence, sex, more rules, a healthier planet, more security, a nice and fulfilling job, less liberalism, faster cars, more drugs, the truth, free icecream for kids under 12 years on each 2nd sunday of the month?

Each one be a leader, a visionary, a magician, a prophet, a master of his thoughts, creative power of his part of the universe, his own destiny... to turn that pyramid upside down: there are many ways to go from here, let's find a few of them :-)

May peace prevail on earth!

^^ my first wish

PS: This is worth a forum, let's call it "Aladin's Lamp". Why not start threads with stuff that we want and let those who agree post their ideas about these thoughts. That would be pretty neat, and with a little luck this would affect the overall spirit of the board: a global project to examine the vibes and metamorphic fields in a virtual meditation on a binary level :-)

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 10:04 PM
is what you guys are talking about related to that one film "The Secret"? if it is, someone mentioned this to me, and i have yet to watch it. if this is what you are talking about, do you think the concept holds any truth?

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 10:14 PM
Oh, here's not just "The Secret". There's "What the Bleep Do We Know" as well, or Dr. Emotos water crystals, the (very old) brochure "As A Man Thinketh" (link in my sig), the serenity prayer, certain aspects of game theory and psychology as well, many old fables and proverbs that point into that direction. From whatever perspective: think positive!

But you asked about "The Secret":

Originally posted by souls
do you think the concept holds any truth?
Does it matter? Not really.

Want my uneducated opinion? Here you are:

do I agree with the concept 100%? No. Am I a believer? No. Do I believe? Yes. Is it worth consideration? 100% YES!

Yes, it holds some truth. Watch it, and if you like the first 20 minutes, buy the DVD. They go a little more in-depth there, but this should be enough for you to decide whether it's "too far out there", because it doesn't get any more unbelievable than stating "You shape your reality", which they do in the first 5 minutes or so.

Google Video Link

I believe it is authorized (because they say so in the beginning).

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 12:03 AM
well you do shape your reality

and unshaping it and shaping it in the way u would like takes a bit of time.

it's not the my way right away fast food culture answer but if you apply your will and your heat for a period of time like a few months staying consistent with your desires and gaining an understanding of how the mind works as well as some basic concepts of NLP neuro linguistic programming basically learning how thoughts work and giving your self options in your thoughts and using better words in your dialogue and seeing them from better perspectives (as well as taking responsibility for your actions) being truthful to yourself and forgiving yourself ( EFT heal emotional scars) and surrounding yourself with a good group of friends the process can be very very empowering

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 10:57 PM
It makes alot of sense now that you say it.I have been wondering why all the new public exposure being seen on t.v. Especially on the discovery and history channel.They right out talk about a ruling elite trying to take over the world (N.W.O).I guess another thing to look at why keep it secret at all if the laws of attraction pushed there agenda through so well.I dont know good point though regarless and, like i said it does explain all the public exposure on certain tv channels.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 10:57 PM

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