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Hello, new member.

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posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 07:34 PM
I found this forum yesterday and can only say, "WOW". A little about me... My screen name is from the fact that I live in a tiny town with the population of 50 (duh!). I have had some paranormal encounters that I will post in the apportiate forum. As far as government cover ups and conspiracies; I have a hard time believing that the current Pres and his croonies are that smart to think up 9-11 considering how poorly they have ran the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. I have seen some 9-11 conspiracy DVD's and pray that none of it is true! I am not sticking up for them by any means. I pray that our government would not allow nearly 10,000 Americans to die (Trade Center Buildings+War Deaths) so the military industrial complex can make a buck. If that is the case then it is truly disgusting. Well this is long enough. I enjoy this site. Take care.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 07:38 PM
Hello, and welcome to ATS.

Can't wait to hear your stories

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 07:39 PM
Hi and welcome to the ATS boards, Andy!

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 08:30 PM
The ATS Freshman's Forum is a great place to discuss the complexities of the ATS universe and to get advice from rookies and veterans alike.

Asala has a new member thread here: Hey new members!! Come here if you need advice.

There are lots of handy tips available in the Handbook of ATS Links.

Here are some Important Website-Related Threads.

Configuring your MyATS page is the easiest way to put the ATS universe at your fingertips.

Be sure to check out Social Issues on AbovePolitics. I'm sure you will find the atmosphere to be friendly, enlightening, and rewarding.

Here's an excellent little, unobtrusive spell checker, in case you need one: IESpell 2.1.1 build 325

A convenient text editor also comes in handy when composing those epic posts: EditPad Lite.

Sooner or later you will find a use for TinyURL!™

Oh, and visit the Automotive Discussion forum.


posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 01:07 PM
Welcome aboard Tinytown!!

You'll love it here!

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 02:18 PM
Greetings and welcome to the board.

Enjoy yourself and don't believe everything you read.

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