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Do Aliens come from Branes?

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posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 04:40 PM
(I love the idea of this forum by the way, kudos to ATS for maintaining it)

Lisa Randall has come up with the idea of infinite dimensionality - an idea I quite like and have been playing around with for awhile now, I usually think of it as the n-dimensional.

Anyways, Its seems rather obvious to speculate that the stereotypical grays and ensemble cast hail from what they are calling nowadays Branes.

Branes are literally higher dimensional spaces and are taken pretty seriously by String theory (M(embrane?)-theory). Up till now String theory indicated that extra dimensions should be all curled up so small that no one sees them. Randall has changed this view by opening out her theory to an infinite space. So Branes can be more than 3 dimensional, they can be 5, 7 or whatever and more importantly, not all curled up and tiny. So this is the first serious physical theory that grounds an understanding of extra-dimensional spaces (Wheelers Many Worlds stuff is a bit different).

So, say the aliens live in a Brane that is connected to ours but has say only 1 extra dimension - being highly technological they discover a way to collapse down 1 dimension and become visible to us. They could actually then simultaneously inhabit a higher dimensional earth - this could account for certain strange reports by abductees and others that they "came throught the window", as being partially in a higher brane they would have an extra dimension to move around in. This also could account for time anomolies , as they would not be totally subject to the linear progression of time, again because they could go around it in their additional dimension. In the Allagash Abductions, some of the witnesses had paranormal type happenings in their houses since childhood, odd clickings and a feeling of being watched - this could be explained by a slightly out of phase viewing device or observer. This theory also has the advantage of explaining the time travel hypothesis - they could perhaps be from what to us would be the future, but to them it would probably be more of a simultaneous kind of event - it might be accessible to them, to the point where a linear kind of timelime may be a strange concept from "their" point of view. Genetic experimention and the hybrids thing could be an attempt to create beings that could straddle both Branes permanently, it is doubtful aliens could exist long here or vice versa - it would be just plain uncomfortable. Naturally all of these events historically would be viewed either religously or supernaturally. Now here's the really crazy part, what if the so called afterlife or astral plane or Bardo or Dreamtime or whatever
you want to call it IS this closeby Brane? Perhaps we are a pupal version of consciousness in an much grander dimensional evolutionary scheme? So the question is not only is their life on other planets, not only is their life on other Branes, but could their be ecological interconnections between life on different Branes? This has the advantage of explaining the weird things the aliens are supposed to say, such as, "you are ours" and "we do have the right" (which I have seen from many reports) when some poor victim inevitably protests.
The interdimensional idea is not new, but that it has a serious (speculative) grounding within advanced physics certainly is.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 04:55 PM
That is pretty deep.

I think that there could be a possibility that the Aliens do come from the Brane, but given their ability to transcend multiple dimensions, then maybe the Brane is just another stop on their cosmic journey?

I ready last year in PopSci about a scientist that theorized about the Brane, and frankly it blew my mind that mere mortal scientists were able to hypothesize about such an abstract idea.

It is almost equal to saying that there are xx amount of dimensions outside of the 3 that we humans interact with on a daily basis, and to even imagine something outside of 3 dimensions is tough.

There are definitely beings/entities inhabititng the Brane. It is just a matter of finding a way to access it. Maybe around 2012 it will be easier?

My 2 cents

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 04:57 PM
ive always thought to myself and talked amongst friends that ghosts/aliens/etc. were extra-dimensional

you just went about explaining it better then i ever could

cool post

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 06:03 PM
From what I understand of Randall's theory, we currently live on a brane that is probably 5 dimensional (1 of time and 4 of space) but that we only percieve 3 dimensions because gravity is not well attracted to the 4th spatial dimension - so I just figured it would be a lot easier to contact lower dimensional areas of your own brane than try to leap to another one; having said that the ability to contact other lifeforms at other dimensional levels itself would be so impressive an achievement technologically that it seems to indicate that theoretically aliens could contact either other branes or higher levels of the same brane, there really is no way to tell. Perhaps they are experiencing contact from higher dimensional levels themselves (and so on...)?

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