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WORLD WAR IV-Our new counselor of the state "Eliot Cohen" believes we are in it right now

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posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 01:03 PM
Philip Zelikow has stepped down and now another kook from the basement has taken his place.

Who is this new fine recruit to serve our country in government? Why it's Eliot Cohen. Cohen is infamous for saying we are in "World War IV" counting the "Cold War" as the third.

Why is this a sign of insanity and madness to appoint this man? Well, even the N.Y. Sun thinks he is aggressively obsessed with militarism around the world. How detatched is this man from the status quo? He makes John Bolton and Zelikow look sane and rational when it comes to foreign policy.

As a founder of "PNAC" it's important to know why this appointment is vital chess piece in the current reality war game "RISK" that we are in engaging in and why Dr Strangelove (Cheney) has moved him out of the shadows. He is the most outspoken in his beliefs and he pretty much spells it out in his op-ed's/articles and books. Why is this man dangerous to your country? And why were you not given a hattip by the media of the background on this founding PNAC member? Liberal Media? Oh my ass, it's a liberal media. This is the ideal definition of a moonbat kook who is so far from reality of the American Public, it will make your head spin. Yes, Ats'ers he is out of the basement and now allowed in the white house with full access and kitchen privileges. How about that?
Let's have a gander what goes on in the mind of a imperial neo fascist,shall we?

Read on:

Afghanistan constitutes just one front in World War IV, and the battles there just one campaign. . . . First, if one front in this war is the contest for free and moderate governance in the Muslim world, the U.S. should throw its weight behind pro-Western and anticlerical forces there. The immediate choice lies before the U.S. government in regard to Iran. . . . The overthrow of the first theocratic revolutionary Muslim state and its replacement by a moderate or secular government, however, would be no less important a victory in this war than the annihilation of bin Laden.

and how about this description of Cohen:

Cohen refers to the war against terrorism by a chilling name: World War IV (citing the Cold War as the third world war). . . . Cohen claims that America is on the good side in this war, just like it has been in all prior world wars, and the enemy is militant Islam, not some abstract concept of "terrorism".

Cohen argues that the US should throw its weight behind pro-Western and anticlerical forces in the Muslim world, beginning with the overthrow of the theocratic state in Iran and its replacement by a "moderate or secular" government. After September 11 he was one of the first neoconservatives to call for an attack on Iraq, even though there was no credible evidence linking Iraq with the attacks on the US or al-Qaeda.

Do you want your family and friend to have basement kooks like this risking your democracy and safety for these people? You have some thinking to do,my fellow americans.

Here's his op ed from November 2001 called "World War IV"

I will let you decide whether you think this administration is playing with a full deck.
(Here's a hint: remember that scene of the guy riding the atomic bomb like a rodeo cowboy in Dr Strangelove?)

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