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a strange clip about scientology

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posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 10:53 AM
what is scientology really about? I saw this clip about scientology, suggesting they are motivated by money

has anyone here joined scientology, and what did you get out of it?

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 09:08 AM
there have been quite a few threads on scientology and peoples experiences with it on here at various times. personally, i took a 'free personality test' when i was 19 at a sort of street fair we have here every summer in the middle of downtown. i was then told i was a deeply troubled individual and that scientology could help me with those issues that were shown in the spikes of the little needle on this electronic meter that strangely looks like one of those 'fun with electricity' boards i got for christmas when i was 10.

i then was told through either the donation of money or personal time to the church that they could counsel me on the ways to live a better life, and being a poor college student that lived on 20 dollars a week while working 50 hours outside of the full schedule i had at school, said yeah right and shrugged it off.

because i had filled out their little survey i received literature for over a year until i finally changed addresses without forwarding my mail, where they lost me, helped by the fact that i used the name of my favorite fictional character whom i foolishly thought i would soon be changing my name to emulate.

everyone that i personally know that has interacted with the church has been asked in a roundabout way for money, one friend given the same schpeil as me and actually told that 5000 dollars was the total cost if no volunteer time was given.

later, as you started hearing stories of celebrities going to the church in droves, i became interested again, and found a few sites that gave me a different look at the religion.

look for yourself here

don't limit yourself though, get the other side to the story too. here

decide for yourself.

also think about other groups that ask for money outright from their followers such as the mormons and the jehovas witnesses, or the implied obligatory donation in most christian churches.

hope that helps!

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